Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Day at the Beach..

On New Years Day ( Yes I know that was quite a few days ago) we spent a glorious day at Manly Beach with the family.

Emma and Lucca have not been to the beach since their last visit two years ago, and it was great to see how different they were now that they are older.

Emma was the first in the water, and had a ball.  Lucca was a bit more reserved and enjoyed himself in the sand, building sandcastles and checking out the beach.

                                                   Making sandcastles with Uncle Roland
Check out the smile on Emma's face, she loves the sea, and the rubber boat was a huge success. Being towed around by Aunty Sam was a blast for her..

                                     Nana and her "Poppet" Emma enjoying the warm water.

The days are flying by, and are filled with fun and games.  It is just as well that I am a morning person as the "grandies" are awake at 6am full of energy and rearing to go. It is so much fun having conversations with them, especially Lucca who loves to talk to you about any and everything..



Your photos show a fun family day out. How very lovely to have this time with your 'grandies'. Your time with them must be very precious.


Look at you lucky thing! Happy New Year to you and you are so so lucky to have spent it in such a beautiful place :)

Best wishes for a wonderful year Angela!

Jeanne xx

Sylvia K

How wonderful! You can feel the fun just looking at those smiles! Enjoy!!
Have a great weekend!



What a terrific post! I love a day at the beach! Soak up those happy times with your 'grandies', and make lots and lots of pictures for remembering later.
Happy Thursday!


I miss the beach.
It's full of so much fun for kids.
I mean look at them man....loving it.
Great pic's.
I'm glad that New Year's Day as a success.
It should be a day of fun.
Man 6am? I'd die.
If you've never been a morning person, once you turn a certain age does that change?


You know my own Grandma lived near the ocean, maybe that's where my love of it comes from?
And you are making such wonderful memories with your family.They will last for generations:)


How fun! A Christmas trip to the beach! the kids are so cute, glad you get ot enjoy them for the holidays!

Evette Mendisabal

It was such a great day. I couldn't get over how comfortable Emma was in the sea. she has done nothing but surprise me this trip!!

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