Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland Floods...

My thoughts and prayers are with all those people who have been effected by the floods in Queensland, Australia.

I hope that my blogging friends are safe. Power outages due today in Brisbane CBD, so that means all those who live in apartments will have no TV, no fridge/freezer, no cooking.

My family are safe, but with roads being closed it will be difficult for them to get to supermarket, and work.

My niece has told us that there is already a shortage of bread, milk and of course toilet paper at her local store.  My sister in law and her family are waiting to hear if they are to be evacuated,  their trip to the supermarket a few days ago got them chocolate, chips, and long life milk. All other essentials were gone off the shelves.

What a truly awful way to the start of 2011.   Hang in there guys.



I was skyping my bro yesterday in Gold Coast and he turned the computer to his TV on channel 9 news in Aussie and we sat there and watched it together.
It was amazing.
72 missing, when I saw it, 8 dead and 4 of them kids.
What a tragedy!
Those poor people, no warning.
It seems like with all our modern things we could've saved these people.
It just goes to show that mother nature still has cards up her sleeve.

ain't for city gals

I saw this on the news and thought of you...stay calm, stay safe and try to stay dry!


Glad you are safe
I saw this on the news last night
awful thing..water does so much damage and so quickly
prayers for you


I was watching on the news just now-it is awful! I wish everyone well too.


So sorry about this, Angela! Hope you and your family stay safe and have enough groceries. Even our little winter storm warning and snow caused the stores here to run short on food.

Evette Mendisabal

It is HORRIBLE!! It's crazy to think that Brisbane, of all places, is experiencing this considering how dry it usually is this time of year. Our prayers are with everyone too.


You were the first person I thought of! I'm glad to hear your family is okay! Saw a truly heartbreaking story of a brother sacrificing his life for his little brother, still crying...
YOU take care!

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