Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunset Coast Beach..

Last weekend we went to Kariotahi Beach, my favourite surf beach, only ten minutes from home. This part of Auckland is known as the Sunset Coast, and on a good day the sunsets are magnificent. We have discovered that Emma and Lucca love playing in the tidal pools, and as low tide was at the same time as the sunset, this made for some beautiful shots....  We are enjoying the most beautiful weather at present,  long may it continue.



Wow. wow, wow. These are all so incredible!!! Lovely, lovely, oh so lovely.

Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. I appreciate your comment.


Wonderful pictures! Glad you are enjoying nice weather while your family is there.


YOu're right, those shots are beautiful.
I love that the kids are going down to the beach all the time.
It's good for them.
I"m glad the weather is wonderful as well.
I hope it keeps on keeping on.

Mrs. Fine

As I sit staring at the snow fall outside my window (and which I will most likely have to shovel to get out of the driveway), I envy your gorgeous views! Thanks for capturing the beautiful shots and sharing them!


Aw the beach.. my favorite place to be.
I would love to take a stroll and watch the sunset.
Your photos are gorgeous, Nana.


Kay L. Davies

Fabulous photos. I don't know which I like best, the first or the last. I actually remember being a small child playing in the tide pools on the British Columbia coast, so I guess I relate to the first one best, but the last one is stunning!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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