Thursday, June 2, 2011

May the Fourth be with me......

In just two days time I will be celebrating another birthday. And over the past few weeks I have been thinking to myself "what does that mean? "After all, this year I am 59, yes that's right people, I am going to be  FIFTY-NINE!!! and all I keep thinking about is, "where the hell has all the time gone?? "

Okay, so I don't remember being born, and I mean who does, or a lot of my childhood. I certainly don't remember being flower girl at this wedding....

But, what I do remember the most is my teenage years, and the time spent being involved in athletics, I loved that time . It was an outlet for me to use up energy, and a coping mechanism for the hard time I got from other kids at high school.... That's me in the front taking the baton in a relay race... aged 15years.

Okay, so enough of childhood memories, what I have really been thinking about is how I feel about being one year closer to sixty. You see, I have been waiting and waiting for the sign........You know...the sign!!  That sign that I always thought I would get as I got older.

" What sign?" I hear you say. "" What is she talking about" you mutter to yourself.

Well, you see, I always thought that as I got older, as each year passed me by that I would have this "sign", that I would experience something, some sort of feeling that would tell me that I was old.

But guess what? Nothing has happened, there is No Sign . There is no one staring back at me in the mirror in the morning telling me that " today is the day to be old." There is no neon sign above my head, with a big arrow pointing at me and the words "old lady" flashing away in bright colours.

Instead, there is me.  Wife, mother, nana, 59 years young....  Bring on sixty I say.


ain't for city gals

I'm loving this post! Even though I do see lots of signs I look around and think to myself "Sheryl, you are doing pretty darn good"! I'm coming right behind you...I will be 58 soon...Happy Birthday to you!


Ha ha-great attitude!


Fantastic post man.
This year I'm gonna work on these sorts of feelings and take on your attitude.
I need to just get over it and embrace how awesome I am.
Have a great day and tell us all about it.
I'd love to come over to your 60th and party like it's 1999........


Happy birthday! Mine is in three days. I'm still waiting to feel like a grown-up. Though my kids would probably tell you that I snarl about their homework quite enough to qualify.

Kay L. Davies

Congratulations, Angela. You're lookin' good and you're certainly doin' good!
I don't remember my 59th birthday but I remember my 60th: we were on a 20-passenger yacht in the Galapagos Islands. That was the real beginning of our 'round the world travels.
Have a wonderful birthday! And yes, may the fourth be with you!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

HOOTIN' ANNI, I must add my happy birthday wishes!!! And I will add how much I enjoyed the post. Yes, time flies, and where the hell did it all go?!! If you're anything like me tho, you don't 'feel' the age as you [and I] are both still young at heart.

Sweet flower girl!!!

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me yesterday. As always, I enjoyed having your company.

Thursday's post:

Honky-tonking and Wildflowers

Evette Mendisabal

You do know why you feel so great don't you? Let me give you a heads-up, "Your only as old as the person you feel" Hehehe. THATS what happens when you marry a younger man ... you've lost a few years!!
LOVE you Ma!! Can't wait to talk to you this afternoon for our anual birthday song!!


I agree, there is no sign!
My Grandma will be 104 this month, and while she's in poor health now, she did a whole lot of living.
I remember asking her when she turned 100 if she felt any different, No kid, she said, I still feel 55 :)
Happy Birthday Friend!


So well said!
I feel the same as I ever was and still love the same things I always did. But with getting old, I love NEW things, too!
If only the body can keep up and the mind..keep!
Happy Belated Birthday!

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