Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Winter ...

It has arrived, Winter, a month later than any other year that I can remembe,r but none the less the long, clawing, sinewy fingers of winter have reached out and wrapped themselves around us

 Over the weekend a cold Southerly blast arrived up from the Antarctic, dumped a small amount of snow in the South Island, made it's way towards us in the North and brought us freezing wind and rain. Yesterday, the temperatures only just got into double digits, morning temps of 6C with the high getting up to 10C, low dark clouds, heavy showers and a hint of sunshine greeted me when I got home from work at 5.30pm.  First priority was to light the fire and warm up.

Forecast for the rest of the week is the same, Southerly cold winds, icy showers..Brrrrrr time to get the gloves, scarves and thermal gear out.  Happy, warm and sunny week everyone in the Northern Hemisphere.



Wow brilliant shots man.
Love it.
Sorry it's so cold.
10c for A HIGH?
oh well. Scarfs, hats and gloves can be fun accessories right?

ain't for city gals

Winter sounds so good right now to me...lol..112° in Arizona today!

Stafford Ray

I am having that shot of your fireplace blown up to mount on the lower wall of the saloon so I can pretend to have an open fire. (The thing I miss most no longer living on the farm!!)


And in the Northern Hemisphere we are sort of looking forward to Fall and winter!

Evette Mendisabal

Don't worry Mum. In a few more weeks you'll be here in the heat DYING to go back to the cool weather! LOL

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