Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday..

 Thanks Tracy for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday..

Walking through the gardens at Auckland University today, I found this  fern casting a watery Winter shadow on the outside of a building. Very cold today in NZ as a southerly blast makes it's way towards us from the Antarctic.

Have a great week everyone.



Beautiful Shadow Shot! I'll trade you some of our 90+ degree weather for some of your coolness!!


The shade adds a cool feel to the scene, too. Yet, a hit of sun and brightness on the wall suggests warmth - somewhere! Up here in this hemisphere, the coldest winds are arctic in nature, so the Antarctic winds down there now make sense. Winter, I'm afraid, is winter - everywhere!


lovely, soft, dreamy shadows...


Lovely shadows, they do resemble ripples on water!


I like that shadow-good to find one even though it is cold. It is boiling here!


Very pretty photo! Great shadow shot. :)


So how's things going Angela?
Life's treating you well?
Looks like you're taking lots of great shots.
How's the weather been going?
Miss you
Milz xx

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Love all of the shadows on the wall - sitting here, I imagine a cool breeze making the palm's leaves sway...not a cold breeze, mind you - but a lovely summer one :) Have a lovely week Angela!

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