Saturday, October 15, 2011

Early morning beach walk..

It was such a mild morning when I woke up I decided that it was a perfect time to go down to the beach. No-one was there, it was so nice to have the beach to myself....

I know I have said it many times before, but I love this beach....  in fact, I love any beach, but this is one of my favourites.

Have a happy Saturday everyone..



Beautiful beach shots. An early morning beach walk sounds lovely. I like your rusty object shots below too.

A Wild Thing

I'm with you girl, any beach will do, but I'll say again, every time I see your beach I'm reminded of the movie The Piano, that was my first insight to New Zealand and it's raw beauty and bits of early history of the Maori tribes...beautiful...I'm a hopeless romantic, huh!!!

See ya tomorrow!!!


Sylvia K

Oh, what a wonderful way to begin a day -- any day! Love your captures! Hope you have a great weekend!



This looks like such a beautifully peaceful place.


I just love beaches, but alas, I'm married to a 'mountain' man!


Is it my imagination or does that piece of driftwood look like a turtle? Wow.

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