Friday, October 28, 2011

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways....

I love thee with my breakfast cereal, swimming in fresh cream...

I love thee with fresh blueberries, eaten straight out of the container..

I love thee with  French Vanilla ice-cream..

I love thee with freshly whipped cream piled up high on top of you...

I love thee with Pavlova and cream on Christmas Day....

I love thee every day from now until seasons end ...

It's Strawberry Season people, Summer is just around the corner....

I always buy strawberries from a road side stall, these are the first of the season. $2.50 for a punnet, which is not too bad for the beginning of the season. In a few weeks we will be buying 3 punnets for $5.00. This is not all of them, I ate half of them before I got home.



Mmm lots of ways with strawberries! It is apple and pumpkin season here and strawberries are a long way off!


Yum, yum! That makes me hungry for strawberries!


Oooooooooooo yum.
I wonder if my mum's getting any.

Evette Mendisabal

Mmmmmm!!! Did you plant any this year. Emma and Lucca loved picking them while we were there. I can't believe it strawberry season AGIN seems like we were just picking them in your garden a couple of months ago!


Now I'm smiling and drooling... :-) Our strawberry season is long gone. Now we just get imported berries from Belgium, and they taste like water :-(

Sandra's Scribbles

Yum, my favourite summer fruit, I just bought our first punnet yesterday and only half made it home:)

The Summer Kitchen Girls

mmmmm....that is so not fair right now Angela :) There's nothing better than fresh strawberries!!


Mmmmmmm, I can almost taste them :)

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