Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday Fences...

This shot was taken at our local pine forest...

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I like this shot - great angle. And the loose wire is a little scary, but aesthetically pleasing!

Jan n Jer

I also love the angle. Very creative. Thanks for playing FF


Fabulous leading lines and depth in this one, Angela! Great shot!


You have great movement in this shot Angela...makes me think of aftershocks. Once you have felt them, you never forget them! I agree, great angles on this one.

Jeanne :)

Sandra's Scribbles

I love the stark contrast of the fence and the barren ground and then the lush green in the distance.


T bars and barbed wire almost laying on the ground make for an excellent photo. Great shot. B


That fence certainly is not going to stop anyone! I love the way it is falling down!!


Leaning and swaying, I love the fence!


Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. How interesting it is to meet people from all over and share some common interests like photography. About 5 years ago I visited your beautiful country on a garden tour--went hiking in some areas like in your photo--it was actually about this time of the year. There's so many places in the world to see so don't know if I'll ever get back to NZ, but it was a fantastic country to visit.

Bruce Clark

I really like how the barb wire leads you into the shot, very nice.

Bridget Larsen

Love leaning fences with barned wires, obviously someone jumped it to make it that way
Bridget #36


Oh cool, what a great perspective... very creative! =)

Thanks so much for commenting... I appreciate your help


Looks like this fence has had some rough days.

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