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New Zealand Culture -The All Blacks and the Haka

To most people, the haka is a war dance. This is understandable as many have seen the haka performed as a pre-battle challenge to their opposition.
But the word "haka" simply means a dance, or a song accompanied by dance.
In pre-European and early contact times, the haka was used as a part of the formal process when two parties came together.

Today, New Zealanders have grown accustomed to the use of the Haka by sporting teams. They thrill to the spectacle of the All Blacks forming ranks prior to kick off.
The modern All Blacks perform the Haka with passion and pride. They have reclaimed the dignity and mystique attached to this traditional art form and in the process, increased its recognition as an icon of New Zealand.

The Haka has come to symbolise the power of the All Blacks and their status in the world of rugby. The team leaves an impression of invincibility and ruthlessness. That impression is in no small part due to the potency with which the All Blacks perform the haka.

One of New Zealabd rugby’s best kept secrets was revealed on 29 August 2005 when the All Blacks performed a totally new haka “Kapa o Pango” before a Tri-Nations test with South Africa.
The new haka arose from discussion within the team about what it meant to be an All Black and the idea for a new haka was one result. The team saw “Kapa o Pango” as an effort to expand the All Black’s tradition of haka and a contribution to the team’s heritage. The new haka has some Polynesian elements, appropriate to a side which now contained a significant number of players of Pacific Island descent
“Kapa o Pango” celebrates the land of New Zealand, the silver fern and “its warriors in black”.
The stated intention from the All Blacks is that the “Ka Mate” and “Kapa o Pango” hakas will each be used by the All Blacks.

 New Zealanders are passionate about rugby, and our All Blacks team. This weekend, on Sunday, the All Blacks will play France in the final. No doubt they will perform Kapa O Pango to show the French team that they mean business.

Hope you all enjoy the You Tube video above of the Haka, especiall for Evette, Melissa and Jeanne enjoy ladies .  xx



Wow, impressive! I love it when cultural traditions are upheld and carried on into modern settings. Thank for sharing this, I love learning about other cultures. Have a great weekend! Hugs :-)


Your the best Angela. I was wonder about the new one they performed against Aussie.


Very interesting! I've never seen anything like that. Impressive!

Evette Mendisabal

I cry EVERY time I see a haka performed by the All Blacks. I don't know what it is about it that makes me so emotional. I'm putting it down to national pride! Thanks for sharing Mum. Love you!


I love watching the Haka! I didn't know anything about it though-so thank you for the information. Most interesting. Good luck the the All Blacks on Sunday!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

oh my gosh Angela...this was so awesome! my son, who plays high school football came running over to see what it was all about - and LOVED it! What fun it must be to sit in the stadium and watch this - go All Blacks!!

Gemma Wiseman

The haka is rivetting! Whenever I see it I just stop and watch mesmerised! At school (Melbourne), some 6th graders tried it out and I couldn't believe how well these young people captured the moves and the spirit of the dance! And not one is a New Zealander!


Rugby is an awesome sport, overshadowed by 'American' football, The speed and crashing of bodies is amazing, and rough. So each game can be viewed as a skirmish, a battle that is won by a team that works together. One that stays together from the pre-game haka all the way through. Amazing way to start a rough game, but the ultimate war preparation!


We had a high school football team do a haka last week. It must have scared the hell out everyone because the police came and pepper sprayed them!


mmm,mmm,mmm! rugby players, yum!

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