Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I ♥ Auckland - Auckland Zoo

There is no other way to say it..I LOVE THE ZOO.. and in particular I love the zoo in Auckland. I have been going to the zoo since I was a young girl, and remember being taken during the school holidays by a neighbour and seeing the Chimpanze's Tea Party. And we didn't know any better did we, making those poor animals dress up in humans clothes and then having them have cups of tea and cakes. And what about the poor ones that the keeper would give a cigarette to and we would laugh and clap and think how cool it was that it was smoking.  We have come a long way since then, thank goodness.

The Auckland Zoo was a day out for my children during the school holidays , we would meet up with my sister and niece and make a day of it. Even today we all enjoy a good day out at the zoo. This year was particularly special, after Samantha and Roland's wedding we all got together at the zoo for a day out. Along with Samantha , Roland , and myself there was my eldest daughter Evette with my grandies Emma and Lucca. My sister Linda,  had come over from Brisbane for the wedding, and to spend some time with us.

The Auckland Zoo is forever evolving, and there are always new things happening. A huge building project is going on at present to make the enclosures more open, with no wire cages, making for a more  interactive experience. The following photos were taken on the visit we all had together. Check out the website for the Zoo below .

In this picture from left: Linda, me, Roland, Samantha, Emma and Lucca. Photo taken by Evette.



A wonderful zoo! Ours will be a big disappointment :(
And such a nice pic of you with the family, they are no longer wearing shorts here!


Brilliant photos of the zoo! I love the Meercat slouching around and the tin elephant family shot too. The best zoo I have been to here is Paignton zoo in Devon. It was really open and the animals all looked very happy. Zoos have changed a lot over the last couple of decades you are right.

Stafford Ray

The animals look almost as happy as the group of hairless apes being protected by the awesome and smiling tin elephant! Lovely photos.


How awesome....what wonderful photos. I have always loved visiting zoos. In any city we go that has one. This was a special treat!! Great pictures.

Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. Always love having your company.

My Tuesday Post:

A new Cat

Hope your day is treating you well.


Love that picture of the little ferret? just sitting there like he's done for the day.
I can't remember going to the Auckland Zoo.
That doesn't mean I haven't been though.


Was that monkey really going for a swim? Though made for display, I find zoos difficult for photography. Your shots are wonderful!


Sounds like an awesome zoo. Great pictures, love the one with the leaping monkey!

Flower Photography

I love zoo's! Great shots how cool is that last one!! (had to do the same with the comment box here too) :-)

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