Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday..

The stairwell at the back of our library. I had a few minutes to spare between appointments this week and snapped these.... 

Go on over to Hey Harriet and check out the rest of the shadow chasers and join in..


Hey Harriet

Love that last one! Your spare moments between appointments were well spent!

The Aussie flavoured yellow and green colour combo in my photo wasn't intentional. There's just lots of yellow and green to be found in OZ. Fancy that! ;)

Have a great week ahead Angela!


These are fantastic shadow shots have me wondering where the stairwell is ...and I have been there so many times. Not very observant obviously ;-)


Great photos....I especially liked the very last one.

My Sunday's Link:

In the Shadows of your Mind

It's always a delight to have you visit with me when you get a chance...Hope your Sunday treats you well.


Great shadow shots! I think my favorite is the middle one - nice angles. Happy SSS :)


Metal sided buildings are efficient, easy to construct. The efficiencies don't allow for much in the way of style. So, shadows come to the rescue here! The staircase adds a bit of angular flair in shadow, as the vertical siding is not so stark when shade is an accompaniment. Lovely captures that we could never forget!

Evette Mendisabal

Great shadows Mum ... very wobbly!!


I really like that second picture. Very neat looking with the shadow going up,down and the stairs going across.


I love all the different lines! I think the last one is my favorite too!

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