Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Captured this little critter while I was clearing the tomato plants out of the garden, they have now finished :(   and I will be filling the space with Winter veges..

 And then a few hours later, I took this shot in my neighbours front garden.

Does anyone else find themselves doing that? Am I the only person who takes their camera in the garden with them? I doubt it, I bet all you shadow chasers take your cameras with you everywhere you go.

Thanks Tracy for hosting, see other great shadows over at Hey Harriet..



Fantastic pictures man.
Love it.


Lovely green shadow pictures! I often take my camera out into the garden and take close up photos. You are not alone!


I had to think about this a little bit - autumn? Then logic took over and I realized it is autumn in NZ. Sorry about the tomatoes now gone, we will harvest ours in July and August. The seasonal change might make us a bit blue, but the earth tone leaves of this season have a lovely style - only in this season. It seems the green fellow is checking you out, too! Happy autumn!

Sylvia K

I think you and Tracy were on the wave length today with your delightful critter shots! I love it! Hope your weekend is going well, Angela! Enjoy!!



Lovely shadow shots - no, you aren't the only one to take a camera out in to the garden, I do that so often. I posted some preying mantis shadows a couple of weeks ago. They cast wonderful shadows don;t they.

EG Wow

Yep, I do indeed take my camera into my gardens. Winter is long and summer's short in Canada!! I like to remember the beauty of summer all year round. :)


Nice shadow shot of the Praying Mantis, Angela. They are good to have around because they like to eat bugs.

be well and happy,

A Wild Thing@Sweet Repose

Yup, my camera goes everywhere with me, pockets are always bulging from it...once I forgot it over night, left it on the garden table...even after a heavy dew, it was alright...whew!!!

Love the mantis, can't wait to see them here, I have great big brown ones as well as the green, they are so fun to photograph, as there heads move right with you...good shot and the succulent(?) is beautiful as well...come on Spring!!!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

hee's attached to our sides at all time - isn't it? Love the praying mantis, but that succulant, is truly succulant!


Lovely shadows!

Hey Harriet

Haha! Looks like he's doing aerobics! He's way more animated than my poor fly. LOVE it! Made me giggle! And I have a camera with me at all times too! We're a crazy bunch :)


That is one great photo of the preying mantis!

Monarch Butterfly Link

Happy Sunday.


Ha! I do take my camera.
My daughter loved the preying mantis when she was young. We would always find a few each year.


Gorgeous shadows shots!
My Shadow, have a blessed Sunday!


I try to remember to take my camera everywhere..sometimes I'm in a rush and realize I don't have it when it's too late to come home and retrieve it.

Love your critter, and I think Tracy is right - he's doing some aerobic exercise. At least he is livelier than her dead fly. hahaha

I'm looking forward to green plants like in your second shot. Spring is slowly making its way to Connecticut.

Have fun seeking shadows this week!

Lisa's RetroStyle

I love the little bug...both are lovely photos!

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