Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday..


Making the most of the fine weather and late afternoon sun saw me chasing shadows at a small beach not far from home. No-one about, the swing a reminder of the warm Summer days that have now left us. 
          Thanks Tracy for hosting, check out the link to catch up with other Shadow chasers.



Your chase was well worth the delightful shadow images you captured, Nana.

Happy Easter
B well, B happy


It looks lovely and peaceful there. Perfect for a relaxing shadow hunt!

Joahna Vern

it's indeed peaceful..soooo nice. :)


Good Morning and Happy Easter!
That swing is like one I had as a kid!


With that top photo....I feel very peaceful inside myself!! Wonderful

My Sunday post link:

Kokopelli Shadow

Have a glorious day!!


I miss things like that 'make shift' swing.
We had the funnest times as kids with these kinda things in rivers and such.


♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥

Stafford Ray

There is nothnig like a 'swing out' to keep kids occupied at in the water!
Sea temperature here is still good for swimming and wonder if it is there too. Aukland isn't all that further south than Mooloolaba.
BTW, had a long chat with a young Kiwi couple (with baby) from just south of Aukland yesterday, over here looking for work in the mines.
I am sure they will be made welcome and do well.

Sylvia K

Sorry I'm so late, but things are a bit hectic here as I get ready for my move! Your shadow shots for the day are exquisite and so peaceful! Would love to be sitting there on the beach! Hope you've had a great weekend!


Lisa's RetroStyle

Lovely...I would enjoy being in either of those photos!!

Evette Mendisabal

LOVE the swing!! Reminds me of being a kid!!


Lovely shadow shots. Love to take a walk in that beach.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

What calm shadows Angela....very peaceful pictures! Enjoyed the post the picture of "Pop" as well. That's nice that there were young people at the service - that is so nice to see that these heros are not forgotten!
Have a lovely week!!
Karla & Karrie

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