Friday, April 1, 2011

It's official, I can feel the change happening....

Well it's here, I have felt it over the past few weeks and in particular this week. The humidity has gone, although the air is still warm, but there is a chill in the air early in the morning.

Yes folks, it's AUTUMN...Daylight saving ends this weekend and that means it will now be darker earlier in the day.

Last weekend there were a few obvious signs of Autumn when we went for a walk through the Waiuku Forest in the early afternoon.The forest is a 20minute drive from our house. There was a heavy mist sitting on top of the hills at Port Waikato, which looks very close to us in the photos, but is 70kms by road.
The pine trees in the forest had no pine needles on them, and we found a few toadstools growing, a sure sign that the weather is cooling down.

The river, the Waikato  is the longest river in New Zealand and flows for 425kms. Starting in the mountains in the central North Island it ends it's journey here at Port Waikato. Where it joins the Tasman Sea.  The water here is tidal, and once the tide starts coming in the combination of river and sea creates quite a spectacle. This area of beach and river has a reputation for being unforgiving to those who do not take care when surf casting or fishing from boats,  and the locals have a real respect for this stretch of water.



You're very good you know.
I'd use any of these pic's as a postcard.
I hope it's a great Autumn season for you.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

These pictures are gorgeous Angela! That mushroom picture is great as well - wow...stunning - absolutely stunning!!
We haven't changed quite over to spring's slowly making its way to us this we've had to practice patience!!


breath-taking photos...just gorgeous!!


Wow, the one with the tree log in the water is so beautiful! It's strange, but I know a spot in a valley in eastern Norway where that photo could have been taken! But then I have heard that New Zealand is the only country outside of scandinavia that resembles Norway. We're also the only two countries that have fjords.
The next one is also so beautiful. The straws in front gives it so much depth!

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