Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday..

The shadows are starting to play hard to get over at my house now, as the cold weather begins, and the sun is staying put behind the clouds. Yesterday my neighbour called me over, and said "bring your camera, there is something of interest in our garden" last time she said that it was a huge wasps nest. This time it was these toadstools that had grown at the base of a tree stump.

Thanks Tracy for hosting. Have a great week.


Evette Mendisabal

Awesome!! Those things are HUGE!

Kay L. Davies

Oh, perfect! And what wonderful shadows they make.
In case you don't know why toadstools make shadows, you can check here, for something out of one of my favourite books.

— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Kay L. Davies

Oops, it didn't copy properly. That last bit is supposed to be .html and definitely not .htn.
— K


What meaty looking toadstools-and with great shadows lurking underneath.


These toadstools look immense, as if they were to star in an old Disney movie like Snow White. The seen as if they could sing in an animated feature, or be used as umbrellas for the gnomes that live in the forest. Whatever our imaginations think it could be, the size, sun and shadows are beautiful here!


Wow they're amazing.


wow, i guess...this is a great shot!!!


Great shadow shot! I like to photograph toadstools!

Paula Scott

I don't know if those are edible "rumors", but they are beautiful! And so is the banner shot on your blog! Wow!


Interesting shadows...I'm feeling a bit like Alice!

Greyscale Territory

Wow! An amazing rusty golden tone and so chunky! Gorgeous play of shadows!


Gorgeous shadow shot!

My Shadow Shots, have a blessed Sunday!


How pretty. Shade for the fairies!


Beautiful photo in your header. Great shadow photo.


You got it Angela, perfect!!


You have a very nice neighbour!!! Great shot. Thanks


Wow....this is just simply artistic!!

My Link:
Sand, Surf, and Shadows

Have a glorious Sunday. Hope to have you as a visitor today when you find time.

A Wild Thing@Sweet Repose

I wonder if these are morels...have a are getting munched on today, I need to move quick before the bunnies or a passing deer beats me to them...have a hopefully sunny week ahead friend!

Lisa's RetroStyle

Really nice shot! I love the new banner photo too :)


Great image!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Thank goodness for neighbors! This is a fantastic picture Angela - love the colors...and how they are all clustered together in one spot - splendid!


WOWSA! Very good:)


I love that rich golden color; great shot!

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