Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday..

My Shadow Shots this week were taken at our Regional Taekwon-Do Tournament. This is the machine that is used to place the boards into for the power breaking event, it created some pretty awesome shadows. And, in case you are wondering,  no I didn't compete, I leave that up to the young ones now...



Aww no shot of him breaking it?
How was the tournament?

Kay L. Davies

You leave it up to the young ones NOW? Did you used to break boards for fun? I'm impressed.
Great shadow shots!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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It does make lovely shadows and I love the polished wooden floor. I have always wondered just exactly how anyone manages to break a board with their bare hands!


Nice Shadows! The way you said NOW, makes me think you USED to do this, too!


Fabulous take on the photo of Great subjects.

Sorry, I'm so late getting around...I know you visited with me on my Watery Wednesday post too...much appreciated.

Hope your week has treated you well!!!

My Sunday Post...'ribbit'!!


Lots of Taekwondy shadows Angela! (Is that a real word??) Very cool. Soooo, you don't participate in the sport, other than chronicaling it? Don't blame you! Happy SSS.

Lisa's RetroStyle

How fun!


More great shots! And guess what? You won my give away! Send me your address and I'll mail off your winnings:)


GREAT shadows!


Fab shadow shots mum, well done :-)


Love these shots!

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