Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Great Salt Lake Photowalk...

Last week Evette and I did a photowalk to the Great Salt Lake. We left in the evening so that we could catch the sunset. The place that we went to has an old building and a derelict train carriage that have become the local "Graffiti Artists" canvas, popular for bridal photography and family portraits I was excited to see the area in person. I certainly wasn't disappointed,  I fell in love!! With the graffiti, the desolate feel of the place, together with the perfect light it was AWESOME!! 

After taking shots of the buildings we went for a walk into the middle of what looked like it may have been a marina, with left over bricks from a building, and what looked like petrified wood, the ground was hard and cracked,  it was like walking over the desert.


Sylvia K

What a lovely tour and you did catch the beautiful stuff! I lived in Salt Lake City for a year many years ago and never tired of the beauty there! Thanks for the memories! Hope you have a wonderful week!



Neat pictures! They decorate train boxcars that way, too.

Kay L. Davies

I can't believe I've never been to Salt Lake City. It really isn't all that far from here.
Thanks for sharing your visit!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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love your photos! and glad to hear you are able to appreciate graffit, in the right framework, me too!


So much natural and man-made beauty. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Angela.

be well, be happy


I sent you and Evette an email.
I'm in town and was wondering if you'd be in the salt lake area in the next few days so we could meet up for lunch or something.
Let me know.


That must have been an fantastic place, and your shots are awesome, as always. I love the angle in the first one, and the long shadows in the last one.
Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs :-)

Evette Mendisabal

That was a fun photo walk. I'm gald we wandered a little more. I already have another photoshoot planned for this spot.

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