Monday, September 26, 2011

You know you are getting older when...

you visit a museum and find yourself saying "I remember that, " or "we had one of those". This happened to me over the weekend when we visited MOTAT ( Museum of Transport and Technology) over the weekend.

The first car I ever owned was one of these, Morris Minor  or " Morrie Minor", mine was a 1952 model..

Mr. Four Square, this was THE corner store, the good old Four Square Store, we got our groceries at our local store before we had supermarkets. The owner of our Four Square Store was Mr. Barton, a lovely man...

What a memory, the wringer washing machine, took all day to do the washing....

New Zealand icon, Crown Lynn pottery manufacutred all sorts of dinner plates, the design above is exactly what my Dad had, in fact I think one of my girls has the little milk jug from this set...

Bedford Truck, my dad had a truck like this , he worked building the motorway (freeway) in Auckland in the 1960's.

Still around now, Choysa Tea, another Kiwi icon, you would collect the coupons in the packet and get a cash discount on your next packet of tea....

Kiwi nugget, every Sunday night we would  polish our school shoes using Kiwi polish, under Dad's watchful eye. Before we polished them to a shine we would spit on them and then polish with a soft cloth. A throw back from the army days when the soldiers used "Spit and Polish" to shine their boots.

This old bus is exactly like the bus I used to get to and from work when I was just sixteen years old.

It was a fun day, and well worth the memories.



Hi Angela, boy am I old.. I remember all of them but I must say they are classics and beautiful to these ole eyes.

Thanks for joining my new blog :D


I love to see all these 'old' things! Nice that they are preserved.


Ok so what does that make me if I can remember having that washing machine growing up?
That's awesome. And it did take forever to do the washing, but I secretly loved helping mum put the clothes through the ringer.
Great post.

Kay L. Davies

You're right. I've been to museums featuring so many items from my childhood I thought I was back there again. Similar things here in Canada in museums.
Great photos, Angela.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Sylvia K

Yep, I'm OLD!! But it is fun to see things like this and the to enjoy the memories they bring, isn't it? Great post for the day! Have a wonderful week!


Evette Mendisabal

I remember ALL of those things; does that make me old too?

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