Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011.. Part One Party Central

At the moment the whole of Auckland, and for that matter the whole of New Zealand is BUZZING!! with the atmosphere of the Rugby World Cup. Rugby is the national game of New Zealand and our team the All Blacks ( named because of their all black uniforms) is going to win this one. Twenty countries are involved in the cup from both the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. Go here and check out the website to see how the teams are going.

In downtown Auckland the waterfront has been turned into what is being called "party central" a place where tourists and New Zealanders alike get together to watch games and to enjoy good old "Kiwi" hospitality.

  Last weekend we went downtown to experience what is happening at party central. There has been major building done to make the area look world class. The main building is called "the cloud" and it is in the shape of the Long White Cloud which is what the English translation of Aotearoa which is what the Maori called New Zealand when they first landed here.  Maori still call New Zealand Aotearoa.

The Cloud taken from the other side of the waterfront....

Entry into The Cloud

When you enter this Rugby Ball you are able to be involved in interactive games, a real hit with the children
Auckland waterfront looking across at the Ferry Building..



Very nice series, Angela! Great angle for the flag shots, and the cloud building is beautiful. I love it when they let old buildings survive among the new high rises, like that beautiful ferry building. Nice reflections in the last shot!
I know nothing about rugby, I'm not a sports fan at all, but it's nice when big things happen and everyone get caught up in the atmosphere of what's going on :-)

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love to see it the meantime..."Go Blacks!!"


Man you're so lucky to be there Angela.
I'd LOVE to be there for this world cup.
It's just so exciting and there's been upsets already.
I love it.
Enjoy it, soak it up, if for nothing else for me who wishes like crazy she could be there.


Wonderful pictures! I love seeing the different architecture in other lands!


beautiful photos!

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