Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spring has Sprung....

Our garden is showing the signs of Spring, flowers are popping up all over the place, and there is an abundance of Bluebells and Irises...not to mention my Tulips.

What is happening in your garden? Has Autumn arrived or is Spring doing it's best to show-off?



Sometimes I forget that you are 'down under'! These Spring pictures surprised me just as we are headed into Autumn! Beautiful!


Hey I sent you an email yesterday but it got thrown back at me saying that email didn't work or something, so I emailed your work one.
I hope you got it.
Love your garden. Great shots.


My tomatoes are still ripening, so I hope fall holds off a little longer. Your flowers are beautiful, reminding me that I have new bulbs on the way. I wonder where I was planning to plant them? Enjoy spring!

Sylvia K

What a lovely garden! Such gorgeous flowers and colors! Here at my apartment complex we have roof gardens where we can grow flowers, veggies and everything is still blooming and growing, but I don't for how much longer. Hope your week is going well!



Things are looking good in your garden-very pretty Spring flowers, I must make sure to plant some tulips as I think most have gone due to all the recent upheavals. My squash has taken over almost the whole garden, there is still honeysuckle, a couple of passion flowers, and the ivy has started to flower. The chamomile has managed to survive, depite the thuggish squash. The bamboo looks very sorry for itself. And the weather is like it should have been in the summer but wasn't!


Thank you so much for visiting my blog site. Your spring flowers look gorgeous. I have been out buying my daffodil, iris and tulip bulbs today from our local garden centre, ready to plant in the garden tomorrow. Seeing your pictures makes me feel that Someone out there has a finger on the fast forward button :0) So much to look forward too, though we have the Winter to go through first
Let's hope that it's not too severe.


The tomatoes are just about finished with their bounty, and the flowers are beginning to fade. Time to bid farewell to summer and ready ourselves for the long winter to come.
I will look forward to your pics to get me through :)

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B

Fantastic photos of your lovely flowers! It's odd to think we're just going into our fall while you are just entering spring! It's this world wonderful??!!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Oh so very pretty!! We so enjoy watching your spring as everything is starting to die off here :)
Loved your blog below about your visit to the MOTAT - cool cars!! Also got a kick out of the one above...yes...thank heavens there are no more corsettes - I don't think we would have made that period of clothing!!


What lovely photos of some gorgeous flowers. As we go into the Fall, it always seems funny to hear someone say "Spring is coming". Have a nice week. Mickie :)

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