Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bohemian Style..

I have just discovered the world of Interior,  thanks to my blogging friend from Iowa  at

For a bit of Bohemian loving, check out the pics below...  oh , and take a trip over to Interior Alchemy you won't be disappointed. And while your surfing the net take a trip to Iowa to see what is happening over at Sweet Repose it's worth the visit...

Conservatory Tub

Bohemian Bed
Which one is your favourite, I love the Bohemian Bed, especially the red bedcovers and that cute little bag that is draped over the foot of the bed.

Angela xx



oh thanks for the tip!
I love the conservatory tub...
the atmosphere is divine and I adore that little my
The bed....the picture says alot doesn't it?
red silk on the bed..not sure about that...I have jingly and bead belts tied to my footboard....does that count?
good job ANgela

Sylvia K

These are so terrific, Angela! Love the Bohemian bed, and the tub in front of the fireplace as well as the one in your first shot! What fun!! Hope your have a great weekend coming up! Enjoy!



Man that's different aye.
That tub is almost camouflaged int hat first shot.
I think I like that one the best.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

That bed just jumps out at you! What a gorgeous room :) Love that first conservatory shot as well....maybe if we'd put the bed into the conservatory we'd have a perfect room?!!
Looking forward to seeing what Sharon's been up to!
Have a great weekend Angela!


Is it related to Rebecca Purcell's book Interior Alchemy? I have that book and love it! These are lovely rooms-to have a bath near that open fire would be wonderful. I shall pop over to your friend's blog to see!


Will definitely check that out! I love all of them, but that bathroom is amazing!!

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