Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fences #20

Last Saturday I drove about 20mins out of town to check out a very old church, one of the originals when this area was settled over 100 years ago. ..

The fence was standing on it's own, the concrete sides look like they are original..

Then I went around the other side and took a pic of the church looking over the fence..



what a beautiful church. love the view there. such a great little tiny church. is it still in use or services & so forth? i have so many church photos around here in virginia... i would love to share. have a great weekend. (:


What a beautiful old church! i LOVE that fence picture. Such a peaceful place.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

What an adorable fence....and that church is so cute & sweet!
My son is starting a digital photography class this semester in high school, so every Sunday we drive around hunting for pictures to take on the subject....I'll have to start paying attention to fences now!!


Beautiful images...such a tranquil surrounding.

Thanks so much for leaving me a birthday wish yesterday. Your words made my day.


love this!!! the queen's ann lace is a perfectly surrounding the church. the fence is delightful!!!

Jan n Jer

Great fence and the little church is just adorable...Love places like this!


What a great composition you've achieved in that first photo--it could be an image for an art post or notecard. How many people do you think would be able to get in this tiny church?

Tatjana Parkacheva

Very nice shots.

Regards and best wishes


I really like both views...we have a few concrete corner posts left around here, and one or two places where just the regular fence posts are concrete.

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