Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday..

 Taken this morning on our walk , Sunday here in New Zealand.. We have had some beautiful days, at long last, and it really feels like Summer.

 Hope all the rest of you shadow chasers are having a great weekend..  Angela xx



NIce, i have some shadows from my walk with the dog too!


My! What TALL shadows you have;-)
You always have some good ones!!!

(Oh Dear! You have the word verification! It's hard to do these days. Most everyone is getting rid of it)

Tatjana Parkacheva

Very nice shadows.

Regards and best wishes

Sylvia K

Oh, I love your TALL shadows!! How fun!! I love your doggie's LONG legs! Great shadow shot for the day! Hope you've had a great weekend so far -- does look like lovely sunny weather!


Gemma Wiseman

Beautiful soft. long shadows! Such wonderful morning light!


WOW!! Awesome shadows. They are something else. The sun was just perfect for you. Thanks for your visit to the blog. Our little county road is a nice place to live. Have been here 33 years. genie


Looks like a lovely day there. Hope you have got rid of your skunk smell now!


That is a gorgeous yellow Lab! Pretty, and I like the breed, being so playful and goofy too. In shadow, this canine looks like he is the size of a horse - and just as majestic!

Tina´s PicStory

really great shadows :)


What a beautiful shadow shot!

Thank you for your contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

Miniature Rose's Shadow, have a blessed Sunday!


I love how the pup's shadow turned out!

Oh yes, I had to laugh at your skunk story. It's quite a distinctive odor, isn't it?! :)


What a nice capture of mood, tones and light...lovely.

Gerald (Hyde DP)

o what a super shadow - love the arch of the dog's back.


Won't you soon be going into your Autumn ? We hopefully will be transitioning to Spring but this winter has been too weird to believe !
I still chuckle when I see your header picture of that big baby chewing on the paper .. too cute .. great shadows captured on your walk !


Your pooch looks like she's grown by the looks of her shadow!! I get a good chuckle out of your masthead photo every time I come by to visit here. Who taught her to fetch the paper then shred it?! hehe. Happy SSS.

John McElveen

OMGosh--I LOVE IT! What a gorgeous Animal!

Beautiful Shadow Shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week!



I love shadow shots like that, which make me seem tall!!


Beautiful shadow. Your dog is so cute.

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