Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunset Sunday...

Last night we decided to go down to the beach to cool off, it was very hot for most of the day, a nice change because most of this Summer has been wet and windy. The sun was setting, these pics are SOOC, no editing, no cropping, I have to say that Mother Nature was at her best it was glorious.

Hope you enjoy a little taste of my one of my favourite places to walk..


Sylvia K

You took my breath away with these!!! What a gorgeous place and what a glorious way to end a day -- any day!! I love seeing your dog playing on the beach, the skies are so incredibly beautiful and you've captured all of the beauty! Thanks for sharing! Hope your coming week has as much beauty!



I love that your pictures are natural and so fantastic!!
I'm glad for the hot weather as well.
My family has said the same thing.
Sick of the crappy summer weather.
I hope it starts getting nicer so you can spend more time at the beach.

Filip Demuinck

Super pictures, your dog certainly has fun.



These are AMAZING!! I can only imagine how relaxing and enjoyable it is to be there because it's very relaxing and enjoyable just to see this!!

HOOTIN ANNI all the world, according Me anyway...there is nothing better than the beach except for a walk with your best four legged friend...and a gorgeous sunset. What more could you ask for?

A Wild Thing

What a great place for you know who to wear himself out(in theory)...

Check out the blog Interior Alchemy, great art shots, landscape, interiors and everything inbetween...have fun!!!



Gorgeous shots! love the skies in all shots =)

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