Saturday, February 11, 2012

For the love of Buttons.....

Pop ( my FIL) has slowly been sorting through Nan's things since she passed away. A tough thing to do after 55 years of marriage, lots of memories coming to the surface. We have had a few tearful moments and a few giggles at some of the things he has found in the cupboards.

One of the things that he knows I absolutely love is Nan's button box. She has a biscuit tin full of vintage buttons some of them going back to when she was a young girl. A few days ago he came across the tin and gave them to me.... 

And I just had to share, they are beyond gorgeous..  Red, blue, green, yellow, pink, brown, black, grey, white, cream, purple...

 I want to do something special with them, and not put them onto clothing, they are worthy of being framed in some way, I have found a few ideas on Pinterest..anybody got some suggestions?

Angela xx



That's so awesome. Oh the things you could do.
Big button letters like A and P or button frames with pic's of your Nan and Pop in them.
A huge quilt using all of the buttons.
The list is endless.
I can't wait to see what you do.


Whatever you come up with, I hope you will show it finished product here! So much potential!


Beautiful collection and lovely memories. I like the ideas above. I started a picture ages ago using buttons as the woman's headress, sewing the buttons onto the canvas. YOu could have a favourite one made into some kind of piece of jewellery. I have lots of buttons from various sources and mainly just get them out every so often and look at them!


Oh, be still my heart...all those lovely buttons
lucky you....I keep mine in a beautiful vintage glass jar on the window sill...brings me pleasure every day


great collection of buttons!
you can use them to create a special canvas with a special word that would remind you of her :)


buttons are the coolest thing ever!!!

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