Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Phew...it's Skunk...

Cute image isn't it...standing there holding a Valentine's Day heart. We don't have Skunks here in New Zealand, and although they look pretty cute I have to say that after yesterday I'm very pleased that we don't.

As mentioned before, Pop, (FIL) is cleaning out cupboards and bits n pieces since Nan passed away. Yesterday he decided to clean out the gardening cupboard and happened across some Dog and Cat repellant. What a great idea, we could use it to keep Max off the garden, and to stop him from destroying the pots. In a tube, it is manufactured to be harmless to the animals, smells like SKUNK and is guaranteed to keep dogs off the garden.

It is at this point that I can see all you Americans sitting there reading this, with a wry grin on your face, and a "No way, she didn't did she?". Oh yes I did, I put that stuff everywhere I thought I could keep Max away. On the edging, around the pots, on the wooden planter boxes..

What I was not banking on was THAT SMELL!!! It is the worst thing I have smelt in my whole life, worse than road kill, worse than silage, it is revolting. The stench has been sitting in my throat all day, when I got home from work it is still there, wafting around the garden, and what is worse is that it doesn't appear to have made any difference to Max. He has still destroyed one of my pots and eaten the plant.

I feel like a real clown, I should have googled the stuff before using it...

Any suggestions for getting rid of the odour? It said on the tube that it is water repellant so I don't think that hosing the garden down is going to help.


Air Bohemia

Sorry...hahahahahah...last summer a skunk was hit on the 4-lane behind my house, the smell was so bad I couldn't sleep at night, so I dragged my shovel to the road and buried it right there...nuthin like it huh!!!

But a man that works for the city dog catcher ordered a batch of Dragon's Blood soap from me, he said it was the only soap that would get out the smell of skunked dog off his hands, so maybe try and find some of that fragrance down under and spray it around...it couldn't hurt...thanks for the morning chuckle and good luck, I used to own a yellow lab...good luck again...ha!!!


Peroxide/baking soda bath.
I wonder if it'd work on your wood at least.
You probably won't want to put that on your plants.
Good luck Angela.
What a rough deal.
I remember I was at a neighbours cabin and I opened the back door and a skunk was RIGHT THERE on the steps.
I quickly closed the door and didn't go out the rest of the night.


Oh, my! I have skunks around my house and that is not a smell anyone would enjoy. I've heard that tomato juice will take the smell out. I think it's the acidity that works, but I'm not sure. I hope you have some smell relief soon!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

OH Angela!! What a predicament! Our dog got sprayed once....and I scolded her and told her that she'd have to stay outside until she stopped smelling so bad! We did the tomato juice & the baking soda and peroxice bath....I think I'd try that soap though! It wouldn't have been so bad if Max would have left everything alone!! Silly dogs :)


oh dear
what a fix
i would still try watering it down
over and over..maybe with a liquid soap....

EG Wow

Well, I bet you won't do THAT again! :))

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