Friday, June 15, 2012

Retiring Instructors...

For the past 20 years I have been involved in the martial art Taekwon-do,  currently I am a 2nd Dan black belt, and up until the beginning of this year was an Instructor , together with my hubby Phil, of a club here in Waiuku where we live, and have also instructed at my own club in another part of Auckland
Last year, Phil and I found that his work commitments were making it harder for him to be at club on a regular basis, and I was unable to take the club on my own. We made the decision to close our club, and retire as Instructors. A very difficult decision to make, but one we felt was best for the two of us.

Last weekend we were asked to attend the regional tournament, of the region we belong to. This is where all the clubs get together to compete against one another. Phil was there to help judge, and I was there to take photos. (Surprise, surprise.)

Halfway through the competition the tournament was stopped, and everyone formed up. And Phil and I were completely taken by surprise when we were presented with a trophy each in recognition to the work that we have done with our students, and the support that we have given our organisation.

We have trained, and graded with a wonderful group of people, who we consider to be friends as well as family..

We have had students train with us from white belt through to black belt and then have them represent  New Zealand at the World Champs..

We have had overwhelming sadness with the sudden deaths of young students who were such a part of our lives...

We have had such happiness being part of family celebrations, from weddings to newborn babies..

Like a couple of parents we have nurtured, encouraged and watched our students grow..

Students from my Ardmore club that I trained from white belt, this was taken just before they all went for their Black Belts...

Taken at the International Instructors Conference
Taken with the Masters from USA and Argentina, with our student Rory..

Although we have retired from instructing, I know that we will always be involved in some way with Taekwon-Do.

 I have been asked to photograph training sessions with the team that is going to England for the World Cup, and Phil has been asked to help out at tournaments...

Angela xx  



who knew!
can you really swing those legs high? wow
My little grandson (4) came here for a visit from California...he proudly told me he was a purple belt...beginner :)....then showed me all his moves....and I got to watch his belt ceremony...yes sir!
it was so cute watching him obey his instructors.....


You guys are awesome indeed.
I'm really impressed.
Love you


Congratulations! I'm sure you won't spend this retirement sitting down...

Sylvia K

This is fantastic, Angela! What a wonderful group to be involved with! I, too, am so impressed! Congratulations indeed!! Thank you for sharing this with us today! Celebrate and have a wonderful weekend!


Evette Mendisabal

Awww, what a wonderful surprise! That P sure is a sweet guy! I'm so excited that you're taking things down a notch in TKD, even though you'll both be missed, I'm glad you're taking time to be together, and to pursue some new hobbies!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

I bet that was bittersweet Angela! Even though you haven't taught my son, I just wanted to say thanks for your time in teaching all of your students....I know, with these past 4 years he has been taking karate, how much time and dedication it takes instructors to teach, so bravo & well done!!


Look at you, so accomplished! Good thing we're friends, you could really kick my a double s ;)


Wow, well done and congratulations!

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