Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Likeness..

This afternoon I spent some time going through our old photos. It started with me looking for a particular photo and before I knew where I was I was looking through all the family albums.

Of all the photos that I found there were a few that brought home how alike we are. Here are a few of them......

 Okay, so the baby and the little flower girl is me, I have no idea who the little boy check these out..
Evette at 3years of age, she was such a cutey....

Emma at about 15months....

Nana, Mummy and Granddaughter what a team!! 



I love seeing stuff like this.
I also was cracking up about not knowing that boy.


You all look strikingly alike, and so cute!


what cute and uplifting post.
love the smiles on their faces.


Gosh what a cute family tree!! I need to dig out some old photos and scan them. Thanks for the idea and sharing your sweet photos.

EG Wow

Congratulations! :)

The Summer Kitchen Girls

You know we love these pictures....we find ourself raking over family pictures every week!
Love this - you all have the same wonderful smiles :)
Isn't it a wonder how we pass all of those traits down?!!

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