Friday, June 25, 2010

New Zealand 0 vs Paraguay 0

The All Whites played Paraguay to get into the second round of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
Although we held out Paraguay to a nil all draw, it was not enough for our team to go to the next round. We needed to win to get through...

But having said this, here are a few stats to consider about our All Whites performance...

The All Whites are ranked 78th in the world.....

The last time New Zealand played at a World Cup was in 1982...

2010 they played Italy current world champs and drew 1 All.....

They did not lose a game, this is very rare in the World Cup to go through unbeaten in your first round..

In there pool round they came third, with Italy fourth...

We are very proud of our team, well done boys!!!!

And another surprise in the World Cup is that the U.S.A team have gone through to the next round by beating Algeria...   Well Done U.S.A.!!!



I'm so proud of NZ.
I really wish they made it.


I have a confession to make....I don't watch sports period.
But I sure am glad that you are enjoying it:)


My goodness. that was a hilarious Magpie....and oh so true...I think I could have done this when I was a wee one....but they didn't have video then....
soccer..what's that?

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