Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

Yesterday Phil and I took a trip to the Auckland Museum, 50 minute drive from where we live. I took so many photos of shadows I am now spoilt for choice,with the weather being so nasty at the moment I am certain they will be used over the next few weeks.

We were there no less than five minutes when the sun came out and this weird looking shadow woman/man appeared with an even weirder camera to take some photos...

It is this huge cannon that overlooks the Auckland Harbour from the steps at the base of the Musuem
and this is part of the view, even in the Winter it looks beautiful. Auckland is promoted as the "City of Sails"  and there are always yachts out on the harbour.

Visit the Auckland Musuem at:

Have a good week everyone.



This harbor is so beautiful, its beauty (and all residents) needed that protection. The solid and menacing canon looks just beautiful, the strength a free people can feel confident in!


Great shots Mum, I love Auckland, it really is a pretty city.

Sylvia K

Such a beautiful harbor! Wonderful shadow shots for the day! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


Beverley Baird

Great shadows for this week! Sure makes for a menacing figure!
Have a great weekend!


Angela, none of your photos came through for me! Just empty space with a red X in the left corner. Phooey. I'll try again later.


Son of a gun, I clicked on the X and your photos came up! Very good, clean Shadow Shots. I love when they are so crisp like that!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love

what a perfect spot!! lovely shadows :)


LOL yeah man it totally looks like a woman/man shadow.
Great shot of Auckland.


Lovely photos!


What an imaginative interpretation of your first shot! Your shadows are so sharp - wonderful :-)

Hey Harriet

Ha! Love that first one! You really had me going there! I hope to visit the "City of Sails" one day. A work friend is on holidays over there at the moment. I'd prefer to wait until it's a little warmer :)


That first shadow looks like the Pied Piper! Good shots!!! Thanks for your visit.


I have beautiful memories from Auckland...
Great SSS pictures,
have a good week ahead!

Greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!

Gerald (Ackworth born)

that first shadow shot is lovely - it looks like a doctor with a syringe!

Tracy F.

Great shadow shots!
Beautiful harbor ad I've actually been there. Husband and I spent 4 months in NZ in '76-'77. Lived in Wellington, but did some traveling. He loved the fishing and I loved the sheep! Gorgeous scenery. Took the ferry across Cook Strait and was I ever seasick! Met lots of friendly people everywhere we went.

Sweet Repose

What a stunning harbor...I only wish my views in winter were so pleasant and've seen them all from here in the states, what we go through...brrr...enjoyed the drive though in your world...thanks!

Paula Scott

Looks like a robotic waiter carrying something on a circular tray. Perhaps those chocolate dipped strawberries!

Lisa's RetroStyle

Beautiful harbor shot! That first one looks like a robot weilding a hypodermic needle...creepy:{


loved the shadow...


That strange shadow cast by the canon is fabulous. Together with that fairyland of a harbor, it's like stepping sideways into another world. Beautiful!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

what a wonderful place to visit - loved seeing all of the sailboats on the water - very pretty!
That first picture is so interesting - we'd have to say that one is our favorite. Can't wait to see more of your pictures in the future!


Hi Angela,
that really does look like a person-reminds me of a character from Star Wars or something like that! The harbour looks beautiful.


PS the gorilla is the back of a bookshelf. A number of years ago the school built lots of them-lions, gorillas, pandas and dinosaurs. This gorilla was sadly unwanted!


OH MY GOODNESS, I'm the 24th comment?
Check you out all popular.
Nah it's not Dru's feet.
I was laughing so much though man, cause I didn't even noticed.

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