Thursday, July 1, 2010

Annual Leave - My Day off today thursday..

A few weeks ago Sam and I decided that we would take an annual leave day from our respective workplaces and meet up for a "Mother/daughter" day. We chose to go to the Wintergardens in Auckland City, a good half way meeting point for us both, Sam lives north of Auckland and we live South of the city...

 Cameras were a must, and we intended to spend the day taking photos and just chilling out together.
However the"fickle finger of fate"  pointed it's ugly finger at us, and at the beginning of the week we realised that it just was not going to happen. Sam has been really sick, I mean really sick. She has not been able to shake off this awful sinus combined chest infection, and after another trip to the doctors yesterday she was told she had some form of Asthma, and has been given an inhaler and put onto Prendisone tablets. Two things sprung to my mind when she told me this..

       Firstly....   She has never had any form of Asthma in her life, so what the heck is going on?
       Secondly..     Prendisone is some form of steroid isn't it ?
I tried really hard not to panic, but after she explained what was going on and that it would help her I calmed down a bit. See, even though she is thirty, it's still a concern when one of your kids is sick.
So, this meant that the "Mother/daughter" day was what do I do on my day off..

A morning walk was a must, and together with my trusty camera at 7.30am I set off,  

 I noticed the sun striking this tree as I walked past, the chimney had very light smoke coming out from it, but it was hard to capture on my point and shoot...
Down at the local Soccer field the fog was hanging about, and the sun was rising..

Reflections in the rain puddle of the tree by the skate board bowl..

So, like me you are thinking to yourself, what a great start to the day, and it was, the morning progressed and I made a Skype call to Evette in the States and we both settled in for a good catch-up, only to find that after about 20mins we had a power what..well the cat then decided to play her latest goes like this..
She waits by the door, looking all sweet and delicate, and we (the humans with the thumbs and the superior brains) let her out..after half an hour she makes her way to the kitchen window where we let her in ( you with the thumbs and the superior brains)

This went on for a little while, and as the power was out I decided to go do the grocery shopping. On the way back, I saw these ladies in a house paddock. A house paddock being the field where the pregnant sheep and cows are kept when they are near to giving birth..
I will be keeping my eyes on these girls, there maybe little bouncy lambs in a few weeks..
Once home, still no power so settled down to finish my novel..

Hopefully Sam and I will get to do our "Mother/daughter" day on the weekend.



I love all these pic's and what you did with your day.
I feel so bad for Sam.
So what's gonna happen?
How long does she have to take these meds?


She is feeling heaps better after 24 hours. She has had to have three days bed rest, and is allowed back at work on Friday. I think the inhaler is to be used for a week, and the Prendisone for about 10 days. Then after that she should be fine.


I hope there are lambs!! Share pictures, please!
A day off is so wonderful and I too always start it early, no sleeping in on a day off! You've got to make the most of every minute of freedom!


I love the pics mum. The fog ones are great!!


Just an FYI the inhaler could be up to 6weeks the happy pills just a 5 day lot, and I am a lot better thanks :-)

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