Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Vampire Moment Perhaps...

On Sunday night, while in the kitchen cooking dinner with one hand and talking on the phone to Evette in Utah with the other hand, I just happened to look out of the kitchen window and the moon was rising above the trees at the back of our section.

What do I do? Do I end the phone call,  do I stop cooking dinner? After all this is a photo opportunity not to be missed...

Nothing for it but to hand the camera to Phil and let him take a few shots..
I kept looking for a were wolf..


Christian Magoncia

Hi there!

Thanks for droppin by at my blog last time...

Hope to see you more often!
God bless.


WOW! These are great early night moon shots! Sure looks like Werewolf time to me!!



Good eye.
Those look amazing.


Great photos!!!!!

Melanie Webster

Look nice and spooky!

R. Burnett Baker

Angela, these moon shots are haunting and at the same time, comforting! I was very much touched by your Magpie story. Love the idea of Sophie including her mother the way she did. Beautiful story!!

Thank you for visiting me this week, and for your kind words! I'll be stopping in to read you again!



And to think, every night you and I look at the same moon:)

EG Wow

That sure was a tough decision! I probably would have stopped making dinner. (Only kidding, I think.)

Bonnie Bonsai

You are so sweet in handing the phone to your hubby and glad he obliged. I took one moon shot but in the morning up in my daughter's place.


beautiful images!


hope that you have a smiling day!
Enjoy if you like some...

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