Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's a dog's life.....

On the weekend Phil and I took Nan (MIL) for a trip to the NZKC (New Zealand Kennel Club) show, where Aunty Eileen was showing two of her Dacshund dogs.

What a great experience it was, a great "doggie" fix for me, as we have not had a dog around since November last year when Beau our Boxer passed away.

There was all types, sizes, colours of dogs. They were all lovingly clipped, combed, sprayed and paraded in front of the judges.

The following are just a few of the dogs that were on show, and I have to say that all of the owners were only too happy to let me take photos of their much loved pets..

 I am definitely going back for the next one..


Evette Mendisabal

Aww, cute!!

Gerald (Hyde DP)

ah love them dogs


I love those little wiener dogs
so cute and loveable
By the way I loved your photo with the violins..and
you take wonderful photos
thnak you for your kind words for me yesterday


lovely dogs.
what fun to look at them!

Karen S

That last one -- I believe it's some kind of mastiff? An amazing shot -- I would love to have your permission to use it in my artwork.

Bonnie Bonsai

Wow! They're all gorgeous!

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