Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

Perfect weather for chasing shadows.. frosty, sunny, clear skies. We have some very old church buildings about 25minutes drive from our house that I have been wanting to get photos of..

Kohekohe ( prounced: co -he-co-he) Church services held from 1886-1976), unfortunately the building is very run down, but it made for some interesting shadows.

Awhitu ( pronounced: u -the sound of the letter "u" in the word up -fee -to) Central Church built in 1877 and still in use today..
At the side of the church is a row of windows, that when I looked through one of them I found that I could see through to the window on the other side, it wasn't until I got home that I realised that I was reflected shadow like in the photo together with the view behind me..

I have done no editing on this pics, the sky was so blue and clear.


Sylvia K

What terrific captures! The last one is really intriguing! And, wow, what blue skies! Interesting little church, too! Hope your weekend is going well!


Melanie Webster

Cute church, love it!

Beverley Baird

The skies are unb3elievable!
So are the church photos - you got some great shadows of them as well!
Take care.


Great shots, especially the last one.

Shadow Shot Sunday


great blue skies. I like the different perspectives. Cool!

Happy Sunday!


Those photos are amazing. The crispness of the churches is just stunning. That last photo is a work of art. Very surreal, it took me a moment to work it out.... Good job you explained it ;)


Hey Harriet

Those first two are glorious shots! And wow those blue skies are simply stunning! Hope you have a super week ahead :)


Love these shots - amazing that one of you!!


Great shots but my favorite is the last one - it rocks! :)
Happy SSS greetings from Casa!



The last photo is just amazing ! Funny how we don't see the "full" picture until we upload and see them ? All of your pictures are gorgeous .. that blue blue sky and the white churches .. the straight edges .. all perfect !
I am jealous of your frosty cool air .. we are so hot here I avoid going out as much as possible and that is hard on a gardener ? LOL
Joy : )


Striking shadows of the buildings for sure, but that last one is fantastic! Great capture! And such a blue sky. Very good stuff!



I adore these photos!! They look like the very best part of a painting. This is what I miss about Auckland...everything I see here. I will be back in two weeks. Rain or shine, I can't wait.
That last photo is exceptional!!!


Evette Mendisabal

Beautiful shot Mum!! I really love the sky in all of them - SO pretty!

LOVE the self portrait too!!


White clapboard churches offer a simple style - all over New England in the US, a white church seems to be the focal points of towns big and small.

The photo artist is an integral part of the bottom photo. And we like the effect! Your reflection is the artist's signature on an outstanding work of art!

Manang Kim

Beautiful shot!!

Shadow shot Sunday


These are wonderful photos.
Are there such buildings in NZ? They remind me of New England/USA

I also left a comment on the Magpie


Great shadow shots. Love all your images.

Lisa's RetroStyle

Really pretty photos! That last reflective one is crazy...what a wild effect.


WOW! Your photos are crystal clear!


Wow, I love it.
Man I'm the 20th comment!!
Check you out.


That church is really pretty and the sky so blue! Lovely pictures!

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