Monday, July 19, 2010

Surreal Saturday..

My baby is getting married.... Yes, my no 2 daughter and her man have decided that the time has come to get hitched..and not wanting to delay it any longer have decided that January 2011 would be perfect..
After all , it is in the Summer, the Christmas rush will be well and truly over and we will all still be in holiday mode...

Once I managed to get my head around the idea, which I might add is not a bad thing, after all we have been waiting for this wedding for a few years now, I realised that this does not leave us much time to put this all together.. after lots of discussion,  and lengthy lists Sam decided that the No. 1 priority was to get her wedding dress ..

So last Saturday I drove the 60 minutes over the other side of Auckland to meet up with Sam at her wedding boutique of choice...what a place, everything a bride could wish for, dresses, jewellery, veils, bridesmaid dresses and even mother-of-the-bride outfits. I have to say that I was not expecting Sam to find anything, as this was the first shopping trip for dresses, and surely she wasn't going to find THE DRESS right away...

But Sam being the person that she is, pretty much had set in her mind what she wanted, and lo and behold, there on the rack it was...a stunner of a dress, a perfect fit...everything that she wants and more..
The sales lady put the veil on her, and there she little girl...all grown up... looking absolutely stunning.... .and then it hit me!!!!!

I had this weird feeling that was quite surreal, everything around me seemed to be going in slow motion, and when I looked at that beautiful young woman standing in front of me it wasn't that Sam that I saw in her wedding dress, but this Sam that kept coming to mind....

The two year old Sam, as flower girl at my Brother's wedding, the little girl who has always known her own mind, even on that day when she would not wear the belt to her dress around her waist, but insisted on wearing it up around her chest...

In six months time, Sam is going to become Roland's wife, she will take his name...
My baby girl is all grown up......



Great news guys!
Congrats to Sammy girl and I hope to see MANY pic's and that the day is perfect.


How time flies........ a cliche but too true!!!!
So lucky to find a super wedding dress the first time out looking!
My baby boy is now a daddy himself
and I'm a granny
when I feel about 8!
all best wishes from New York


No matter how old I am or what my last name is I will always be your baby girl. This post has bought tears to my eyes and laughter from my mout, that darn belt!!

I love u mum I couldn't organize the wedding without u you are my rock!


Oh, it puts a lump in my throat as I too have girls.
You will have so much fun planning! When my own daughter married early last year we had so much fun.
Now, about your photos, you are very good! The shot of the stairs...
So, when are you planning a trip to the states?

Evette Mendisabal

*sniff, sniff* Aww Mummy!!! I asked Sammy how you coped with the whole wedding dress experience and she never told me. I'm glad it was a great experience for you. She REALLY looked beautiful and I'm so glad they let her take photo's of it!!

PS I see EMMA in that photo!! I can' get over how much alike they are!!


It is a bitter sweet moment , to see your little girl in her wedding dress.
When my kids married, I thought to myself, "they are being pushed out of the garden of Eden."
By that I meant, the engagement is all fun and planning and anticipation and then once they are married, real life begins. Bills, worries, children(yes, wonderful! But also anxiety causing :)
After the wedding is when you grow up, and experience true joy and true sorrow.
and that is why I think it is bittersweet.

Sweet Repose

We always want the best for our little cherubs and what a sweet one she was in her little frock...time passes by us so quickly, doesn't it Mum...

ain't for city gals

Oh my..I just read Sammy's I really am crying!! What beautiful memories you must have...hope to see pics of all the prep work and the wedding...


Glad to hear your good news.
being grandma is cool,
Happy Thursday!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Okay... we weren't planning on tearing up when we came over here! Beautiful post... now we have to go hug our Mom;0)
Karla & Karrie

Bonnie Bonsai

Oh your little Sam is so gorgeous! She would make a beautiful bride for her big day and You will be the Mother of the Bride. Exciting, isn't it?

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