Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

At the bottom of our street there is a sports field that has as part of it a small skate-board bowl. On a fine day the local boys of all ages, and mostly unsupervised, come down and spend most of the day here. It is amazing how well they get on, different ages, some on skateboards and some on bikes. There seems to be this unwritten law between them on how they should behave. These are a few of the shots I took..

Hope you all have a great week ahead.



It's amazing how talented some of the boys are. It's good they're active and do physical things!
Have a great week ahead!


Hot Fudge

Great shots - I don't know how they escape broken limbs the way they do. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Yes, the last time we were at Suncorp Stadium the outcome wasn't quite the same. Being surrounded by overjoyed Kiwis wasn't our idea of fun!

Paula Scott

Yes, there is an etiquette in regards to the mixing and matching of abilities and things on wheels. We asked our son who skates all the time if it would not be better to build a separate thing for the young ones and/or the bikes (or not allow bikes). He said, no, no need to since they just watch out for all things moving in the area. They are very courteous to the little ones too.
Great shots!

Sylvia K

Terrific shadow shots! Love seeing the kids at play and it is wonderful how that unspoken law seems to work so well for them. I saw the same thing when my kids were growing up and it's great! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


Manang Kim

I remember we also have this problem at our local park but I think it was resolve because the town council made a law. But kids are kids they need to play and as long as they are supervise they have to enjoy. Happy Sunday!

Poultry Barn


Awesome shots ma!!


Wonderful pictures of fun! What a blessing that the youngsters are being considerate of one another!


That many different ages can get along, when working toward a common goal. The bikers and boarders have a fine time, and at the en, they go home after a fun time. Very nice shadows (and kids, too :>)

Lisa's RetroStyle

What fun!


Nice to read that the kids of varied ages can get along so well! Good for them.

I don't know how they skateboard. That certainly takes a lot of skill!

You found some good shadows while you were there. Thanks for visiting me ;- )

Hey Harriet

Nice shots! They are great spaces for the kids to hang out. And surprisingly I rarely hear of trouble happening at those skate areas. So yeah, I guess there must be some kind of unwritten law :)

Hope you have a great week!


I love it Angela.
You've done a great job at capturing this.
I love the last pic.

Barbara and Nancy

Looks like the kids and the shadows had fun !
Great shots.

Gerald (Hyde DP)

looks like great fun - no crash helmets I notice


My little boy would love this one. What a fun for the kids! Love your shadow shots.


My daughter has outgrown playgrounds, but a nice one we went to had a small skateboard rink nearby. I was torn between keeping an eye on my daughter and watching those boys (never any girls, except in the audience). Amazingly I never saw anyone get hurt.

Thanks for bringing back those memories!

- Square Peg Guy.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

What fun shadows! It's interesting how kids show respect to others in different circumstances! Love that beatuiful blue sky in the backgroud!


Great shots Angela. I am quite jealous of people who can skateboard. I can ride a bike though! It is nice to hear that they cooperate too!


Oh I love it! so spooky

EG Wow

I enjoyed seeing your Shadow Shots!

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