Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

Found these shadows of my husband's motorbike, we managed to get a few hours of sunshine before the rain started again.  It is a Honda Blackbird CBR1100, and is his pride and joy.


Hope you all are having a great weekend. Thanks again Tracy.



Yep this weekends been great.
I'm gonna blog about it tonight.
I hope you like it.
Great shadow shots.
I think it's awesome Phil has the bike of his dreams.
I think we all deserve something of our dreams right?


I love the shadows! The intricacies of the shadows is the art, the complexity of said shadow. The spokes of the wheels combined with the drilled holes on the disc brakes make a truly unique shadow. So cool, we all hope for happy touring for you and Phil. Excellent shadows!

Evette Mendisabal

Nice one Mum!!


The shadow through the wheel looks delicate like lace. Nice!

Lisa's RetroStyle

Really cool shots of the wheels! Very nice:D

Sylvia K

Terrific shadow shots! Very clever captures! Love the wheels in particular! I can see why it is his pride and joy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Diane AZ

That bike wheel makes great shadows, but I enjoyed all of your pictures!

Paula Scott

Even though I'm not a fan of motorbikes, I can see why your hubby loves this one! It's a beaut!

Beverley Baird

Love these shadows! The bikew really does make interesting shadows!
have a great weekend.


you had sunshine??!!??

Nice shots Ma!!


The second shadow shot is gorgeous. Thanks for the visit Nana.


Good Shadow Shots, espcially the tire shadow. (I was gonna recuse myself from commenting on a motorscooter shadow since I still have issues with 1 red Vino scooter. My hubby crashed his last June and is still suffering the consequences!) I know, let it go.

Happy Birthday to you!! SOunds like you have a great attitude. Hope you had a wonderful day.
My big 6-0 is Nov2nd...I need to loose about 40pounds...wish you were my neighbor, so you could inspire me to loose this fat~!


That motorbike looks lovely, love the colour it has and giving great shadows too! Glad you enjoyed a few hours of sunshine!


The bike really casts some great shadows, especially the shadow through the wheel :)

Hey Harriet

Cool shadows! From the little I can see of the bike it looks rather special! It must be freezing on a motorbike this time of the year. Especially in NZ! Lots of layers are required I imagine :)

Have yourself a great week!


excellent shadows - I love industrial shots. Nice bike too - my ex used to have a ZZR1100 which I used to ride pillion - fabulous machine and awesome power... as I know the CBR has. Have fun x


Lovely shadows - I particularly like the second one. Sometimes shadows draw attention to details not otherwise readily seen.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Love the shots! Glad you got a couple of hours in riding before the rain....seems like we've been dodging the rain quite a bit here lately!
Have a lovely week Angela!

Sweet Repose

Boyz and their toyz...ya gotta luvum!!!


first two shots are great...


beautiful shadows..
Happy Sunday!

Crafty Green Poet

excellent shadow shots, especially the first two


Beautiful shadow shots. I love the first two shots the most. Thank you for sharing.

Belated Happy Birthday to you and all the best


awards 4 u,

have a smiling day!

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