Friday, June 25, 2010

Magpie Tale #19

  This is a prompt from a weekly writing theme hosted by Willow over at:

Here is my contribution for this week:

Amanda was busy in the kitchen cleaning up after lunch. The baby was down for a nap and the last time she checked, her three year old, Lizzie, she was in the family room playing quietly with her toys.
After packing the dishwasher and wiping the kitchen counter down she made her way to the family room to join her little girl.

Standing in the doorway of the family room she could see that Lizzie was not there, and knowing that there was no way she could have gone outside she made her way through the house to look for her. Walking down the hallway she heard noises coming from the bathroom, slowly she made her way to the bathroom door, and ever so slowly pushed the door open, and held back a giggle at the scene that greeted her.

Somehow Lizzie had managed to get her little stool, that was kept in the bathroom, over to the basin and had taken the toothbrushes out of the holder, and along with the toothpaste had settled herself on the floor next to the toilet bowl. There was toothpaste and water all over the bathroom floor,  all over her daughters face and all over the faces of the two dolls that were sitting next to her.

She stood for a second and watched what Lizzie was doing, and then quickly and quietly ran to the family room for the video camera.
On her return, Amanda turned the video camera on, called softly "Hey, Lizzie girl what ya doing there?"
Lizzie looked up at her mother, saw the camera, and grinned from ear to ear.  In her hand was the brown toothbrush that belonged to Jeff, her dad.

"Look Mama, I cleaning our teeth, watch me",  Lizzie leaned into the toilet bowl and dipped Jeff's  toothbrush into the water,  rubbed it into the toothpaste on the floor and started cleaning her teeth, and   then the "teeth" of her dolls.

Amanda focused the video camera onto her daughter and said into the camera, "Oh Lizzie, this video is going to be a must for your 21st birthday party".....



what an endearing magpie! makes me wonder what happened to the toothbrushes after the moment was captured on film..did Amanda tell Jeff or keep the family secret until the film release.. a joy to read this!


I love your Magpie ~ oh how it brings back funny memories of my children ~ many years ago!


Very cute - lovely --bkm

The Crusty Crone

hahahaha Good one!!

(I believe in saving all embarrassing moments in a child's life so they can be brought out later.)

Stafford Ray

This is delayed child abuse! Ummm.. Did you tell Jeff? No,I thought not, and that is husband abuse! Loved the stroy as you can tell! GO NZ!


Good job Angela.


Good story Angela!


Oh I left a comment on another one of your posts...
but here goes again
this was hilarious
only a mother could appreciate it and a grandmother
and neither would tell Jeff
This must have been a sweet encounter with lots of tears of laughter

Bonnie Bonsai

First, I have bookmarked the Auckland Museum so I can visit it when I get the chance.

I love your first shadow above because it reminded me I did the same of myself. Thought it was amusing!

Thanks for the visit. We have a lovely sunshine outside!


Love your shadows and the last photo is spectacular. Great shots.


My granddaughter Melissa will be 3 exactly after a month, but she has been very active already surprising by her inventiveness all of us :)

Loving greetings to your diligent
granddaughter !

Brian Miller

haha...or to show at the wedding nice magpie!


Nothing more fun and untrustworthy than a three-year-old! Love this tale!


Hahahaha! I can see my own little ones doing this!


Oh, this is priceless!!


Very funny, and at the same for Jeff's sake- gross. Nice story.

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