Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Saturday morning sport is a huge part of our culture here in New Zealand, even in Winter.  People of all ages venture out to either support or play a variety of sports.  Soccer and Netball are two of the most popular Winter sports.  Yesterday I ventured out to capture some shadow shots of supporters and players. The weather was cold, wet and windy. The shadows were playing hard to get, but I did manage to catch a few. 

Thanks again to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for encouraging us to chase shadows.

Hope you all have a great week.


Manang Kim

Wow you don't have snow in winter? That is way too cool and I love it. Happy Sunday!

Running Squirrel


Yes...... U know what I mean :-)

Awesome shots.....really great!


It's so true.
Saturday morning sports ARE huge.
I miss it.
Sports are random over here.
It's a little sad.


Saturday morning sports have that look that transcends time for us. In much earlier days, our son played youth soccer games on the sixth day. Happily, soccer can be played (if not so well) in wet and windy conditions. The children players don't complain about the weather, but the parents seem to do so mightily!

The shadows are nice!

Rinkly Rimes

The lower shot is particularly interesting as it shows not only shadows but reflections. And it makes me shiver!

Sweet Repose

Trust doesn't look like that in winter in Iowa...the kids would have ice skates shots...and a belated happy birthday, sounds like it was grand!

EG Wow

It looks like it was a lovely day for shooting shadows!


Angela, I especially like the last photo with the girls. Is that netabll?? Anyway, their shadows on the glistening court are terrific! Happy SSS to you.

Paula Scott

I love those rubber boots and the wet shadows from the girls!


Great shots!! Think I'll just watch from the comfort of home. Thanks for your visit.


You did find some great shadows! That last one looks slippery, though - I hope no one was injured :)


For me that looks like summer!
SSS greetings from rainy and cold (+10 C) Helsinki, Finland!
One more week to go and then back to Casablanca!
Have a great day and good week ahead!



I bet it must be good fun for outdoor sporting.

My Inspiration
My Skywatch Friday

Rosebud Collection

What a wonderful time and catching shadows too. Now that is what I call.."getting two for the price of one"..
Looks like fun and the shadows are great..
Happy SSS.

Bonnie Bonsai

Subtle and long shadows you got over there. Grrr.... it's unthinkable we are coming to this cold part of the year again though I had a first hand experience last year of Winter at Springtime last year in Taupo. The shadows? Spectacular snow on top of the mountains. Thanks for the visit Madam. Much appreciated.

Quilt Works

Love seeing the images from New Zealand! I like you how composed your images, putting them on angle gave them a lot of action - perfect for sports!


The Summer Kitchen Girls

It looks like football weather to us! Love the first picture...the umbrella and the "muck" boots...that says it all!
Have a super weekend as well!

Evette Mendisabal

Ahhh, the images of Winter! I miss home SO much when I see pics like these.


I like the 'All Blacks' umbrella and it's so good to see all those youngsters out using their muscles and lungs in the cold air. The netball court looks particularly uninviting - brrr!!
Great shadows - well done :-)


The subtle shadows on the soccer field show that the sun did at least shine a little.
Terrific reflections on the drenched netball court. The girls look like they didn't mind at showers at all.

Thanks for your visit. :)


I don't miss that at all, both as a participant and as a (step)parent. I'm surpirsed you managed to capture the shadows you did. It looks like a dreary day, weather-wise. I bet everyone was glad to get home and snuggle up in warmth and comfort!

Magical Mystical Teacher

protecting from rain—
watch the game!

Shadowy Pergola

Lisa's RetroStyle

What fun! I really like the wet reflective shadows.

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