Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

This week I am going to continue with shots from my Auckland Museum visit last weekend. I have chosen two from the Sounds Section.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. And thanks again to Tracy for hosting.


Bonnie Bonsai

That's very interesting! I feel like singing now. :)

Thanks for the visit. Hope it is not very cold there.

Greyscale Territory

Such defined shadows! The shadows of music! Very beautiful!


Beautifully taken and very good idea as well!
Nice Sunday evening to you and yours!
Thank you for your comment on my side.

Hey Harriet

Lovin' your musical shadows! I bet they sound as sweet as they appear! Have yourself a wonderful week ahead :)

Gerald (Ackworth born)

wonderful shadows - especially the second one.


Ooh lovely! Are they flutes or recorders? I want to have a play now! I can play the recorder and have four but don't due to neighbourliness. Every so often I do though-such fun!

Sweet Repose

Very cool shots and very definite shadows, funny how we totally notice them everywhere now, even on the telly...LOL.

Evette Mendisabal

Gorgeous shots Mum!!


Wow those are really good.
I think this is my favourite shadow shot of yours so far.
The jelly beans were the favourite lollie of dad's.


I have never noted flutes that weren't made out of brass. Yet these carved instruments are neat, musically pure no doubt...

The violins and other stringed instruments have a lovely shape and likewise, wonderful shadows. I think I know why a museum's walls are white - its for the shadows!

Beverley Baird

What lovely shadows - I love the violins!
My grandfather made violins - wish I had one now.
Happy holidays.


Great shots mum!!

Manang Kim

Awesome shots!

Shadow Shot Sunday

Lily Hydrangea

really lovely shadows & I especially love the subject matter.


Great photos, love those violins!


Such beautiful shadow shots.

Lisa's RetroStyle

Nice shots! I love the violins!!


Beautiful photos! I especially love the one with the violins, because there seems to be a double shadow from the lighting and perhaps the flash that is really interesting to take in.

ps. thanks for stopping by my blog!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Hello Angela!
Love these shadows...but I'd have to say, my favorite is the the cello!!

Paula Scott

Fantastic shadows! Hits a high note with me! : )

Joahna Vern

very cool shadows...i love it so much...:)

and by the way, thanks for dropping by my site...i also followed and added you to my blogroll. 'hope you'll add me, too...Thanks..

I'll visit more often...A happy Wednesday to you.:)

Barbara and Nancy

Beautiful shots! It makes me want to draw or paint them. So nicely composed!

ain't for city gals

Angela. Thank you so much for your nice comments..I so appreciate them. If you ever get to Arizona..


I really need to visit more museums!

And look how many comments you have:)

Costea Andrea Mihai

wonderful shadows!!


Happy Tuesday!

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