Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday Journal - Journal Entry Two..

Here is my journal for this week. The subject:

      What were your talents growing up?
      What are they now?

When I was growing up I was very much into sports. I was good at athletics, and loved sprinting. I represented my High School at the Auckland Inter-Secondary School Sports and came second in the 15 years old girls 100yards ( in those days) and our school relay team came first. I was involved in Athletics until I was 19years old, and started when I was ten. That was 9 years of a huge comittment not only by myself but also from my Dad. In the photo below I am the last runner in our Club relay team, we won this race at the Auckland Champs. I ran for the Roskill South Athletics Club.

My other sporting passion was Netball, I played netball from age 10year until I was 27years old and preganant with Samantha. I loved playing and found that it satisfied my competitive streak.

I was also very good at sewing and would make all my own clothes when I was a teenager, and made all my chidrens clothes when I was a stay-at-home mum.

                                 What I am good at now...

I have developed many skills as I have become older, some have lay dormant for a lot of years while all my energy went into bringing up my family. But over the last few years they have started to surface again and I am slowly starting to do the things that I enjoyed when my family was small.

The one thing that I have started doing again is sewing, just little things with no pressure attached, things that I can do at my own pace, I am enjoying getting back into sewing again.

My vegetable patch, last Summer I put in a vegetable garden, and will do the same this Summer. I love the feeling you get when you pick your own herbs and vegetables.
This year I have taken up a hobby that I  never in a million years imagined I would do. Photography has become a creative outlet for me that was never something that I was interested in when I was younger.
I love the way I now look at the world differently, and the fun it is taking photos, and the challenges that photography throws at me.

Some of the other things I think I am good at. I have a great way with people , I love learning about different cultures, I would love to travel the world.

Taekwon-do, I think I am pretty good at this martial art, and have been doing this for sixteen years.

And lastly, the most important skill/talent of them all, I am a great Mother and Nana, and am always there for all of my children and my siblings. Family is of huge importance to me, not only my immediate family, but my extended family as well.



How interesting to read about your skills now and then Angela. I am impressed by your sporting achievements. I shared a love of netball at school, but didn't continue with it. I come from a very sporty and competitive family, but did not exactly follow them. I like the sound of your vegetable patch too-there is nothing tastier than home grown veg!


Hi Angela,
You are a very talented and interesting lady! I'm not that talented, but I do share in some of your talents. I did a little running in school, sewed my own clothes at an early age, love photography, and would love to have a vegetable/herb garden! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


This was fantastic to read.
I think it's great you can say you're a wonderful mother.
That's so important.
I've loved seeing you (through your blog) fall in love with photography.
It's amazing.
You sound like a hard worker and a must have on any sports team.
No wonder you do ta Kwan Do


awards for you,
thanks for the visits.


You are an all rounder Kiwi girl,

my 14 year old son managed to get 4 years of karate, and he has goven you. Paki Paki to you.

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