Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

Warm weather at long last, three days in a row with no rain, unbelievable. So we have to make the most of it and go out shadow chasing. Our local wholesale plant nurseries open up their gardens to the public, starting in Spring . Today we visited, for the first time, a garden that specialises in sub-tropical plants, clivias and succulents .. Although there are no shadows on this first pic, the reflection in the "man made lake" is lovely. The owners live on site and this is their house..

 Stunning Clivia in full bloom..

Pathway around the lake..
Shadows from the Yucca tree..

Hope you all have a wonderful week.



Wow these shots are amazing.

Hot Fudge

If you have had enough of that beautiful weather, please send it back here! Brisbane has experienced the wettest month in many a year and we are more than ready for Spring.

Love your images, particularly of the stunning cliv1as.


Wonderful photos and I am intrigued where this garden centre is - is it the one at Ardmore. all of the photos are gorgeous but the last one has stunning shadows.

Hey Harriet

Ditto to what Hot Fudge said! Return our sunshine at once! Please? Could we maybe just borrow some for a little while? :D

I love your shots this week. Especially the Yucca tree shadow!


What wonderful captures of shadows this week! Happy New week to you!

Ashley Sisk

I love them! You know, you inspired me to start looking for shadows. I've always loved looking at your Shadow Shot Sunday submissions.


You found some lovely shadows, I especially like the shadowy stamens!
Thanks for the visit!

Martha Z

I love to visit gardens and wish I had the takent and patience to garden well.

Evette Mendisabal

Great shadow shots as usual Mum!!


Beautiful shadows. Love it.

Beverley Baird

What gorgeous shots of the flowers (and their shadows)! Great place for getting shdow shots!

Lisa's RetroStyle

Pretty place. That yellow flower photo is stunning!

Tom Hilton

Lovely shadows; I think the first Clivia shot is my favorite.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Those flowers are just gorgeous...ahhhh spring :) enjoy it for us!!

Just Bits and Pieces

I love your sunset & smell! Beautiful.....and now I'm craving the smell (and taste) of coffee!

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