Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

This morning I decided to take a drive to a new subdivision not far from our town. It has a man made lake, with paths, a bridge and a gazebo. I managed to get some shadows, although it's cloudy and windy today.
I just had to add the last shot, even though I know there are no shadows, these little ducklings with their mum were irresistible.



Wow Angela these shots are amazing.
The composition is just perfect.


The ducks, a quartet of quackers. leave a wonderful reflection, almost a shadow. They appear to be paddling along in a quite relaxed manner...

Th shadows of the railings are nice, Nice gazebo over the water, nicer shadows!


Cool ShadowShots Angela. The ducklings make a great picture too. Serenity pops right off the photo!!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

What a gorgeous place to! We'll take the ducks - reflective shadows will work :)
Have a great weekend Angela!
Karla & Karrie

Ashley Sisk

These shots are so peaceful. Love them.


Brilliant shadows and shots Mum!! Love the ducklings, super cute


I love photographing straight lines for some reason. Also took lots of duck shots this week too, the babies are sooooooo cute

Hey Harriet

That looks like quite a nice area to live. And those duckies sure are cute!

Hokey Pokey icecream? I've heard of Hokey Pokey but have never seen it, let along tried it. There is a little NZ food shop not far from where I live so I'll have to investigate :)

EG Wow

I like those shadows created by the fence railings That must be a very nice new subdivision.


The scenery looks lovely and the white fence makes it so homey. Great shots.

Lisa's RetroStyle

Pretty gazebo! Those little ducklings are just precious!!

Silence Sings

Beautiful shots..but the last one is just amazing...loved the pink too...

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