Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

Okay all you Shadow Chasers, it is now officially Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and the weather has been glorious for one whole week.. that is seven days with sunshine and no sign of is such a wonderful feeling to leave for work and the sun is shining. Of course with all this fine weather it is perfect for shadow chasing.

 This statue was tucked away behind a stand of bamboo, people have left money there, and believe it or not it is still there.

All these shots were taken at the venue for our daughter's wedding where we met with the photographer. The venue is an old quarry that has been transformed into a gorgeous water garden, complete with waterfall, water lily ponds and themed areas.

Enjoy your weekend.



That dragonfly (?) sits nicely here, its long body leaving an equally long and delicate shadow. That is a beautiful wedding venue, the flora, waterfalls and statues looking so lovely. Spring is on your doorstep now, the warmth moving south from us. The seasonal shadows are perfect!


Wow it looks lovely there! A great place for a wedding!


Love that first shot.
Sammy's gonna have a blast at this place.

Sylvia K

I love the first shot, but they're all so terrific it's hard to make a choice! I do hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend, Angela!


Beverley Baird

What a gorgeous setting! Your photos are lovely! What a lovely place to have a wedding!
Love your first macro shot!


Wow! What a magical spot to have a wedding. Lurrrve the 2nd photo from the top...What a Shadow Shot!!The plants are so fabulous they look surreal!! The whole place is gorgeous.

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival

Ah, Spring, nothing quite like it, warm and inviting. I watched 'The Piano' yesterday with the wild winds and crashing surf and drenching rains in New Zealand, I wondered what your Springs were like...looks like sunshine to me!

Wonderful photos, it will be a memorable wedding in such a fabulous setting! Have a wonderful week ahead!



Gorgeous shots!

Shadow Shot at my page, hope you can visit. Happy Halloween!


Gorgeous shots!

Shadow Shot at my page, hope you can visit. Happy Halloween!

Paula Scott

What a glorious way to recycle an old quarry! And all of your shots are simply scrumptious. However did that dragonfly pose for you and let you get that close!


what a fabulous collection (and I love the photo of you in your fancy dress!)

Hey Harriet

Beautiful set of photos! We've been lucky here also this week with plenty of sunshine. I hope it continues for us!

Loved the photo of you dressed up as a zoo keeper in the post above!

Have a great week :)


You guys are lucky that it's spring...we here in Connecticut are bracing for winter! But then eventually spring will arrive...

I love the closeup of the dragonfly ~ great capture. The venue for your daughter's wedding is pretty.

I'm amazed that the money is still there next to the statue!

thanks for stopping by - have fun shadow hunting this week

Kay L. Davies

Beautiful photos. The dragonfly is amazing.
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


i so love the dragonsfly!! i am envious of your beautiful weather.


wonderful shadows!

Lisa's RetroStyle

Wow...what a beautiful makeover of an old quarry! Amazing and a great place for a wedding. Lovely SSs!!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Angela...your photos are fantastic - we can't even choose between the first three.....all gorgeous :)
Then...your sky watch pictures - we feel like we've been on a vacation!! about those candies above...mmmmmm chocolate!

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