Monday, October 25, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

 This was a real challenge for me this week, my workload has been huge and I was unsure if I would be able to post anything.. so here they are my interpretations for this week..

 1. Five Senses - This shot was taken at Calf Club Day at one of our local schools. Calf Club Day is a real part of our rural New Zealand culture. The children raise the calves, train them, feed them, groom/clean them and show them. This is our cousin Janais, her calf received third place..

 2. Children..Another from Calf Club Day, it is a waiting game, a lesson in patience waiting for judging.

3. Dining. My Mother - in laws birthday afternoon tea. We got out all the old crockery and had a real "high tea". Fine bone china tea cup and saucer.

 4. Night... Taken on the way back from the beach on Friday night..

 5. Sky.. The sky was just amazing on Friday night at the beach, just after the sun had set.

 Thanks Ashley for hosting and challenging us once again.


Ashley Sisk

A beautiful series this week - I love the first and last shots most but I also adore that fine bone china. We don't have any of our own because I wanted to be more practical and we rarely entertain...but I hope that one day, my grandmother will pass her china down to me.

Nancy E

Nice work! I grew up on a dairy farm and showing holsteins and my sister is a judge and still does the 4H deal in Northern VT. Fun to see the cow photos! LOVE the black & white! And I love the china shot too --- :)
Thanks for sharing
Here are my selections for the week.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Hey Angela! We have friends that raise we know all about the walking of those calves!
Your tea party sounds delightful, and that sunset on the beach is just gorgeous- love it!


The calves are as cute as the kids!
And you know what? We were looking at the same moon:)


love those sweeeet calves!

Mrs. Fine

Wow! That night shot is crystal clear -- beautiful. I'm soooo jealous of the lovely pink you captured in your last photo. Marvelous!


Nice photos! and what a nice capture of the children waiting for the verdict, I think not just kids but we all should learn how to be patient


every and each one of these images is elegant to me.

love your taste,
keep it up.

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