Monday, October 4, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday..

It's that time again, here are my pics for this week.

1. Golden...Sunset at the beach

2. Smell.. Nothing like fresh coffee beans

3. Fruit..Last of the seasons Pears

4. Simple.. Photo of my friend Nicky's boy Chad, I'm still learning about photographing people, this was a quick ten minutes of shooting this little guy, I love the simplicity of the photo with the blue wall behind.

5. Sports..From my archives, this was taken last Summer, my son is into motocross

Thanks again to Ashley for keeping us on our toes with this weekly challenge.



What a great shot of Sport. It's so clear, especially for an action shot! I think my favorite shot is Golden - I love the beach, and your picture reminds me of my favorite beach where I spent so many great summers creating forts out of the driftwood.. Have a great week!

Ashley Sisk

I don't think my comment went through, so I'll try again. Another great week of photos. I especially love your golden and smell shots. Coffee beans always smell wonderful. I hope you have a great week!


Good Morning Angela,
Great choices this week! I see that "great minds run together" on the Smell photo! What could smell better than freshly ground coffee beans!!! All of your shots are very good!


Great coffee beans shot man.
I love it.
It should be on a magazine or something.
I like them all, however.

Phoenix Peacock

oh, I love your Golden.

Evette Mendisabal

Mum, I can almost SMELL the coffee beans! AWESOME shot!!!


Aha! I used a pear too, but not for the "fruit" category. LOVE love your first shot, golden hour light is my absolute favorite time to photograph.


I love the coffee bean shot, I found myself tilting my head to view it.

Great capture for sports too, I like how the shadow is “framed” by the wheels.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

The first shot is wonderful Angela! The coffee beans are delicious - we can smell them all the way here! Have a great week!


Love the beach AND your smell photo! I don't drink coffee, but that picture makes it look tempting!

Thank you for commenting on my scavenger hunt!


All five are lovely, Angela. I especially like the 'sunset at the beach'

Kay L. Davies

I love the beach picture. There's nothing quite like being on the ocean when the tide is out. I sure miss the ocean.
Coffee beans, yes! We have a friend who roasts coffee beans, and my husband grinds them. Lovely!

Kay, Alberta


I love your smell shot, great idea, I didn't do it this week as I had no idea what to take for smell photo


Your first photo, the beach? it tugs at my heartstrings:(


I was thinking Africa here...not Auckland!!
Just beautiful :))

Jeanne xx

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