Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Fences - #17

 Taken on my walk, this weathered old letterbox attached to a rural fence...

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Very nice composition!


Lovely old letterbox. I like that style of letterbox but don't suppose I will ever live somewhere with a long enough drive to warrant one!


Lovely shot! Our letterboxes are just square, mostly dark green, metal boxes, although some people decorate them.

Jan n Jer

Love this shot of the letter box...we call them mail boxes here.

Jan n Jer

I forgot to say how much I like your header...looks like your lab got caught in the act! My Daughter has a yellow lab n he is always into something!


Such a simple thing, yet so nicely composed.


letterbox...I like that better than saying mailbox.....!
and it is a fabulous photo
wish I was on that walk with you...dueling cameras..:)


What a wonderful photo!!!

Kay L. Davies

Great shot of the mail (letter) box, and an even better one of the lovely yellow lab caught in a compromising position. LOL


Well, that post is is holding up the mailbox and the fence. Great shot. genie


great shot. cute doggie. (:

The Summer Kitchen Girls

What a great shot Angela ~ love the mailbox, the rust, the dried grass down below and the wired all adds up to one fantastic picture! Enjoy your sunshine....the snow came tonight ~ 5" of it (can't complain, for we really haven't had anything but dustings this winter!)


This is a postcard worthy photo--so much "character" in that old mailbox. And I echo Jan--love your header. Who can resist a big old lab--no matter what his sins! How old is he/she? Still Looks puppyish.

Crafty Gardener

nice photo, makes good use of a fence


In all honesty, this image gives me a sense of peace and tranquility! Love it.

If I Could Talk to the Animals

Life is good!

love the photo. and the weather you are having!

Hey Harriet

That's lovely! I really like rustic old letterboxes!


Great shot! Great composition.

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