Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday...

A few weeks ago Samantha ( youngest daughter) and I spent the day together, with our cameras of course, exploring a few places I had noted earlier were worth photographing. One of the places was this old abandoned house, it may have been the Rangers house many years ago as it stands on the outskirts of the local forest here...

I really wanted to go inside and have  look, but the electric fence we had to climb over was a bit of a barrier...
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Shadow Shot Sunday 2
Have a great week everyone.
Angela xx



Places like that make me stop and wonder about the people that lived there. You know it's just full of stories and memories! Looks pretty rickety, though, so it might have been a little dangerous to explore.

Sylvia K

Oh, yes, definitely an intriguing place to explore! Love your shadow shots for the day -- as always! Hope your weekend has gone well! Enjoy!



Love that tree beside it.

My shadow post. Please come and see.

Gemma Wiseman

The abandoned house looks fascinating! i'd want to climb a fence to get a closer look too! Within those shadows, I am sure are many secrets!


Hello nana girl !
I would have loved to be there poking around that old house .. they are so interesting .. so many events have happened in them, they have a story to tell ? .. the shadows are wonderful .. they in them selves silently speak of the history to the house almost ?
Joy : )


Ramshackle buildings are so cool. Such character. Of course, they're really expensive to put back whole! Neat ShadowShots. HappySSS.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I love to photograph tumbledown buildings! It may not be safe to be stumbling around in the ruins, but it's worth the risk (don't you think?) to get some great shots!


When you see the shadows dance,
Be it Mexico or France,
You may join the shadow fun,
Dancing till the day is done!

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadowy Choices


Interesting shadow shots! I like photographing old buildings.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal

Love the backstory your photo presents -- great shots!

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a thoughtful comment. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


I can't resist getting shots of buildings like that either! I love the color and texture of old wood and rusty roofs. The leaning walls and sagging roof have a story to tell, and you have captured it so well here.


Even tho it is a little sad seeing a building deteriorating, they are so interesting. Makes great post and so many shadows of life gone.


The life of this house ended with its abandonment. An honest structure, the weather has ended its strength as it crumbles. The electric fence as a safety device, as the shadow hunters might get a little too close to the collapsing building. However, the shadows are captured nicely from afar. A nice view!


i just love old, weathered buildings...great shots...glad you didn't scale the electric fence...however tempting it might have been!! ;-)

Ms. Becky

these are fabulous shots - each one tells a story. love that second one. you captures some amazing shadows this week with that light. I really like the mood of this series. happy SSS to you.


You found some great shadows outside. Trying to get inside could be quite dangerous!

It sure is an interesting old house, and we can only imagine its history.

Paula Scott

I love abandoned homes like this-also old cars left in a similar manner. Something about things like this-I guess the sense of story that is there that we will never know.

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love

What a great place up come across. Pity about not being able to go inside!

Jeanne @ Collage of Life

Love old abandoned anything Angela. You have the perfect specimen here. It would be fun to zoom in and scroll over the image with a small frame. You have so many interesting images in this one photograph....

The photo if your dog is fantastic! Brings back memories of hair pulling days. :) Thanks also for topping by and leaving a comment or Christine. You made her day!

Best wishes Angela!

Jeanne xx

The Summer Kitchen Girls

ha! We're glad that you knew that it was an electric fence Angela :) Love the shadows...what a wonderful subject (we think the inside would have been lovely to explore as well!!)


Old and beautiful, - lovely light too.

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