Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday...

Taken at sunset at the beach on Thursday evening. I would love to tell you all that we are experiencing some wonderful lazy, hazy days of Summer but the truth is that this would have to be one of the wettest Summers in a long time. Weather forecasters are telling us that the weather will not improve until late March, by then it will be Autumn ... great, thanks weather people, love ya work!!
Hope the weather is being kinder to you all.

Angela xx

Shadow Shot Sunday 2


Gemma Wiseman

Romantic fall of light! So soft and whimsical! And the long, fine shadows in the second photo are fascinating!


Fine shots of shadows on the beach!

Sylvia K

Oh, Gemma is right! Such a romantic capture, soft, delicate shadows and terrific composition! Love the way you've caught the light! I don't think anyone, anywhere is having really desirable, seasonable weather these days whatever it is normally!
Hope you've had a great weekend so far! Enjoy!



Enjoyed seeing your sunset shadows.


Despite the rain, your views at low tide feel really warm, as if the visual sun and sand offer a soothing sunny view. The spiny shadowy is artistic and stylish. Hope the sun, heat and humidity return soon to your beautiful part of NZ...

Kay L. Davies

beautiful shadow shots!


what great beachy shadow shots. love the water!!!


We used to play with those when I was growing up. Beautiful shots.

Shadow Shot at my page. Have a blessed Sunday!

Hey Harriet

Beautiful photos! That's a most unusual looking plant that's growing on the beach! So sorry for all your rain. I get so miserable when it rains for long periods of time. I hope you're better at coping with rainy weather than I am. I also hope the weather folk are wrong and you'll start experiencing some nice sunny days!


Perfect shot!!

Magical Mystical Teacher

These photos are simple, uncluttered and powerful!


If I had a shadow the size of the sun,
I’m not sure how fast I’d be able to run,
Or if I could flee from its ravenous jaws,
While keeping away from its razor-sharp claws!

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadows here and there


Those beach shadows downright INCREDIBLE!!!

Wish we could get some of your rains...we're in a terrible drought---still!!

Thanks for stopping by for my week's Shadow Shot See you next time...and have a glorious week ahead!!

Filip Demuinck

Nice pictures, what is this? A sea eagle?



Not being an ocean person I have no idea what that spiny thing is, but it lends a magical air to these wonderful photos!


Great ShadowShots. The first shot looks like what I call a willothewisp. Upon closer inspection, I see it is much larger than I thought. What the heck is that thing anyway??!! Do tell! Happy SSS and better weather kiddo!!

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